Which Air Conditioner to Buy

With the air conditioner that perfectly fits your home, you can be safe from the summer heat. But the right air conditioner can only do this job. Choosing the right Air conditioner is a challenging task. It involves many things such as calculation of your room size, your location, exposure to sunlight, etc. Going into these details will surely give you some clarity regarding the right air conditioner that suits your space. 

1) Type of AC

 This depends on the type of windows that you have. 

*Window air conditioners: Best suited for windows that slide up and down. It vents the hot air outside by sitting on the window sill. 

*Casement air conditioner

*Portable air conditioner

*Wall air conditioner

*Central air conditioning system

2) Size 

As mentioned earlier, the size of your air conditioner depends on the square footage of your room. Some other factors such as exposure to sunlight should also be considered. 

3) Ability to direct airflow

Air conditioners allow you to direct the airflow horizontally or vertically with the help of adjustable louvers. 


   Whether you are a new homeowner or you have been in your home for years, the more you understand about how an AC works, the better off you will be. Small deviations in humidity and heat cause a lot of damage to objects. Putting your furniture and belongings into danger can be the consequence of ignoring the humidity levels. Humidity invites unwanted guests into your home and can also cause toxicity. Hence having control over humidity levels allows people to have a bit more control over their health. This is possible with the help of an Air conditioner and hence having a good AC is important. Air conditioner price in India depends on the brand and the number of features it offers.


     It is best to rely on two things when making a smart decision to install a new energy-efficient central heating and cooling system. One is the local contractor and the other is the manufacturer of the system. When you choose the Daikin brand, you get both automatically as it is the largest manufacturer of heating and cooling systems in the world. Its global experience is a key driver that reinforces that brand’s product quality from design to manufacturing. Daikin air conditioner price varies depending on the size and features, 

Daikin air conditioners are eco-friendly. They maintain a perfect balance between energy saving and comfort. 

Some of the latest innovations in Daikin air conditioners include, 

*Remote monitoring

*Inverter technology

*SENSE: Activity level detection for optimum cooling power and automatic airflow speed adjustment.   

* POWERFUL: Maximum cooling power for rapid cooling. 

*Air purification


*Quiet indoor operation

*3-D airflow

*Power chill and so on

The air conditioner price in India, when compared and analyzed, the Daikin air conditioners steal the show and is obviously the best AC available in the market.