Getting cozy with your blanket can really be a good idea for you especially in the month of winter when it is falling outside.  It can make you warm and comfortable.  But, some say that weighted blanket not only make you feel warm but it also really works fantastic to calm down your anxiety as well.  The research today does really kind of support their use as well for such practices although there is no such specific evidence that these weighted blankets does anything specific to our mind and body.

Today, we try to throw a light on this topic as to whether it really works well for anxiety or it is just a myth altogether.

First thing first

Before we dig deep into the main question of concern, let’s first try to find out what weighted blanket is all about.

A weighted blanket is a blanket generally filled with small objects.  It can be pellets, beads, disc, and other materials that provide an additional weight to provide more softness and comfortability to the user.

How it works

Weighted blankets provide a deep pressure to our body when in use.  The blanket provides a feeling of softness and being hugged or a feeling like swaddled.  This stimulus thus provides a sense of security and coziness which makes our rest more comfortable and sound.  It also provides a mild restraint that generally makes it harder for the user to move from one side to another.  This in returns helps you to attain an undisturbed sleep for a prolong period of time. You can get great discount on clothing online using Seniority coupons.

According to scientists all around the globe weighted blankets provide a Deep-Touch Pressure to the body enhancing the feel good stimulus around our body.  This pressure smoothen our nervous system and promotes a great feeling of calmness and relaxation.  This sudden psychological shift affects our nervous system deeply from within and in turn reduces anxiety from our mind.

Few important things to remember while choosing

While we plan to buy a weighted blanket for us we must consider these following points religiously:

  • We must always try the blanket before we intend to buy one and comfortability can vary from man to man.
  • The blanket must not be so heavy that it restricts us from making movements while relaxing.
  • The weight of the blanket must be distributed evenly throughout.
  • First we must look for comfortability then consider the weight, as comfortability is the primary criteria.

Advantages of using weighted blankets

There are certain advantages using weighted blankets.  Some of them are as follows:

  • Weighted blankets improve and boost melatonin formation in our body.
  • It alleviates stress and anxiety also.
  • It improves the quality of sleep for people who are suffering with different types of diseases especially with mental health disorders.
  • It provides variety of weight to select from.

Now, here we provide some of the few studies done on this subject to bring out what is right and wrong.

Few studies on weighted blankets upon anxiety

  • A specific study carried out in the year 2008 that involved 32 adults showed that around 63% of them reported reduction in their anxiety on a standardized questionnaire after sleeping with a 30 lb blanket.  Moreover, the research also witnessed that 78% of the adults felt more relax with the weighted blankets as well.
  • Other similar studies in relation to anxiety also had similar results.  In the year 2016, 31 participants suffering with chronic insomnia felt safer and comfortable when sleeping with weighted blankets.  Sleep quality study also found out that they slept well without any major signs of irritability and toss and turning actions sleeping for longer interval.
  • In 2014 study done involving 67 kids suffering with autism reported liking of the weighted blanket better than the normal one.

Final words

There has been a mixed type of feeling when it comes to the question of whether weighted blankets really work wonders to calm our mental stressors and helps in decrease of anxiety.  Though various search work all over the world have supported the above mentioned theory, there is some percentage of searchers who believes this theory to be absolutely a myth and nullifies it from every angle. You can get detail of Off Campus Jobs online from fresh hiring.

The bottom line remains very clear and transparent to each one of us.  Whether to go with the statement or not is simply a matter of individual choice which can vary from one to another.