Have You Included Livestock Insurance in Your Household Plan?

Owning a horse or other livestock can be a great way to bond with a magnificent animal and better understand the relationship humans have traditionally had to their surroundings. Horses especially have a high value in society because of their history as the primary transportation animal in many countries, their intelligence, and their beauty. On top of recreational horse ownership and the keeping of livestock for work around a farm or ranch, there are also entire genres of competition that require a dedicated, specially trained animal. From racing to dressage to high-tier horse showing, these animals can represent a lot of value to owners, and that value needs to be protected.

Insurance Built Around Your Needs

Buying horse insurance from a company that mostly insures luxury goods might get you protection at events or under certain circumstances, but only insurance from a company that specializes in understanding the needs of livestock owners with a variety of animals will be able to really anticipate the world you live in. How can an insurance agent or underwriter really anticipate the situations where your horse might be injured or your crucial facilities otherwise harmed in a way that created extra expenses and losses? It’s a guessing game to anyone without the experience themselves.

Cover More Than Just Horses

Another great reason to look into livestock insurance for your horses would be the ability to bundle in your other animals as you need them covered. If your property includes goats, sheep, cattle for dairy or otherwise, chickens, and other livestock, it’s worth your while to make sure you have insurance that can cover them all, instead of hunting and pecking for the perfect fit for each animal from a different company. It saves you time, gets you covered faster, and it’s more cost-efficient to cover all your animals with a single stroke than to manage a bunch of plans.