High-end rentals in your pocket

Today we can enjoy the opportunities provided by technological progress that brings convenience to all spheres of our life. Purchasing has become easy with the use of mobile applications: all we need to do is to choose among a wide variety of available options and to complete the payment procedure. 

However, it is worth being careful not to become a victim of low-quality companies. It especially matters in case you plan to purchase some high-end services like luxury car or accommodation rental.

Purchasing confidence

It is a pleasure to get exactly what you expect. Among the variety of car rental offices, you should choose the right one. It is sensible to opt for a trustworthy company that has a name like Pugachev.Miami. Thus, you can be sure about the security and the quality of the provided services. Pugachev has recently presented a new mobile application for IOS that allows customers to get easy access to all come-at-able items:

  • Exotic vehicles
  • Yacht charters
  • Private jets
  • Luxury accommodation.

From now on you are enabled to order required pieces in a couple of clicks.

The new app

Pugachev.Miami mobile application is the result of a three-year-work. It is a convenient tool that allows to quickly arrange superior rentals for your upcoming trip. An app is meant as a multilingual one – a language barrier is not a problem any more for willing users.

All you need to do is to download it from the AppStore which takes about a minute. The one-step registration can be completed in one of the three suggested ways:  

  • Using your cellphone number
  • Providing your email address
  • Logging in with your Facebook account.

Then, you may immediately proceed with browsing the app for desired items. The detailed descriptions are available for each vehicle or apartment.

By pressing on a selected fancy piece, you go to the page with the detailed description that includes:

  • For exotic automobiles: price, photos, technical characteristics, general features, customer reviews
  • For yacht charters and private jets: price per hour, photos, technical characteristics, maximum quantity of people onboard, general features, customer reviews
  • For luxury accommodations: price per day, photos, detailed description, quantity of bedrooms, customer reviews.

Comfort at a finger snap

To complete the request you need to go through the two simple steps. A click to “Go to checkout” brings you to the order page where you need to provide:

  • Your contact phone number
  • Delivery address
  • Additional info (optional).

Select the dates of your rental and proceed with the payment. By the way, the possible payment methods include:

  1. Debit card payments
  2. Cryptocurrency payments (Bitcoin, ETH)
  3. Credit card payments

Get inspired

The company’s Instagram account will get you hypnotized at the sight of brilliant cars in dream settings of Florida. Imagine the perfect picture of your holiday: you are driving a posh car along Miami Beach, watching the ocean sparkling in the sunshine. And in the evening you are roaming downtown in search of a good restaurant; the city lights are gleaming on the flawless body of your beautiful car…

Concierge services

Another useful option provided by the famous Mark Pugachev is the service of personal drivers. For those who value their time and desire to increase the quality of a holiday or a business trip, this is the ultimate way to achieve this goal. Enjoy life and observe breathtaking views from the passenger seat of your precious car. Visit Pugachev.Miami site to see the company’s happy clients who include many celebrities.