Pair the Bridesmaid Dress with the Red Wedding Gown

Although, there are lots of colours to select from, when it comes to the wedding gown. But most of the people select the red coloured dresses for them. The motive of a selection of the red colour is, either to have the traditional look at the wedding or if someone wants to showcase the cultural heritage on their wedding day.

Everyone knows that the red coloured gown for the bride is perfect but selecting the red coloured gown for the bridesmaid dresses can be a tricky or complex thing. If the bride is selecting the white colour, any other colour can be selected for the bridesmaid dress. But if the bride herself is selecting the red coloured gown it dresses, it would not be advised to choose the dress from the red bridesmaid dresses or burgundy bridesmaid dresses.

In this article, I have rounded up the ideas that you can follow to choose the bridesmaid dress that can complementthe red coloured wedding gown of the bride.

  • Although, a red coloured wedding gown can go with every styles wedding theme. Be it elegant, retro or dramatic, the red coloured gown can go on air. But if you want to compliment the red coloured bride’s gown, you can blindly pick the black coloured dress. Among the black coloured dresses, you should choose the black satin column dresses for the bridesmaid. If you want to set a compliment between the black bridesmaid dress and red wedding gown, you can pick some black feathers and put the same on your hair also.
  • Remember, red and black are always fair combination but it does not go with everyone. If you want to choose any other colour except black, you can choose the metallic neutral colours for the bridesmaid dress. If you are planning to attend the wedding in the summer evening, you can choose pewter or silver chiffon dresses and gowns can be selected. If the bride is wearing the cherry red gown, you should complement it with any silver shimmery dress. If the bride is wearing the burgundy gown, you can best complement it with wearing the gold bridesmaid dresses UK.
  • In case, if the bride is going to wear pink or peach coloured gown on her wedding day then you can think of pairing it with the red coloured bridesmaid dress or vice versa. If the bride has decided to wear the red long gown her wedding day then you must choose the pink or yellow coloured dress. Trust me, it can give you a retro picnic feeling and it would act as a cherry on the cake.
  • If the bride is planning to wear a traditional red coloured dress on her wedding day, you should not waster your time in looking for the cheap bridesmaid dresses but you should pick the purple coloured dress for you. Being a bridesmaid, you are supposed to look as beautiful as the bride. So, doing enough efforts is mandatory.