Why You Really Need To Stop Avoiding the Dentist

No one looks forward eagerly to a dentist visit. Dental procedures are tops on the list of things people would love to avoid, right up there with tax audits. But as with most things we procrastinate, getting your teeth looked at on a regular basis is not something you can safely skip. Consider these benefits of regular checkups that you may be deliberately forgetting.

Good Health

Consistent dental care is not just about your teeth. The bacteria that set up business in your mouth when you don’t take care of your teeth and gums can travel around your body looking for trouble. You may be putting your overall good health at risk when you fail to sit in that dentist’s chair every six months. 

Good Options

You may also be dooming your future dental health when you skip routine tooth maintenance. Implantology in dentistry has become a commonplace solution for replacing bad teeth, but if you let that molar sit and rot for so long that it damages your gums and bones, you may become a bad candidate. Staying in regular contact with your dentist can help you catch little problems before they become big problems and reduce the need for really unpleasant procedures. 

Good Looks

Health is important, sure, but what about your smile? Yellow teeth and bleeding gums don’t exactly make an appealing presentation. Keeping your mouth closed at all times isn’t a very attractive option either. Gaping holes as diseased teeth fall out will only make it worse. The minor and brief discomfort of regular teeth-cleaning and exams can give you confidence that you’re taking care of this important part of your appearance.

If you’ve had a bad experience with a dentist or dental hygienist that’s keeping you from getting the care you need, now’s the time to find a new place to go and get that dental care going again. The benefits are worth the dread.