Steps to Becoming a Long-Haul Truck Driver

Sitting in an office or working on a factory floor isn’t for everyone. If you enjoy travel and aren’t afraid of some hard work, becoming a truck driver may be a great career option for you.

Obtain a CDL

The first step in becoming qualified to be a truck driver is to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). This doesn’t qualify you to drive a large commercial truck, but does ensure that you’re qualified as you enter training. Your state has manuals which give you the regulations you’ll need to be familiar with to pass your written test. You should expect this test to be considerably more complex than what you took for a regular learner’s permit.

Attend a Driving School

A qualified driving school is where you’ll actually learn the mechanics of operating a tractor-trailer rig safely, including operating on the highway, driving in congested areas, and navigating around loading docks. The commercial driving school may be paid for by a truck line that is considering you for employment.

Get A Physical

DOT physical Houston TX is required for drivers in that area. In this examination, the medical examiner will ask you questions and do tests like blood pressure, vision and hearing checks, and collect a urine sample. The urine sample will be tested both for signs of diabetes and for evidence of drug and alcohol use.

Your Driving History Matters

It should come as no surprise that your driving history matters. Your past record driving passenger cars is naturally going to determine the confidence that a truck line will place in you to drive their trucks and freight. If your driving record is poor, you may not be able to obtain a CDL, or a job.

If you can complete all of these tasks, an exciting job as a truck driver may be yours. Enjoy the open road and a consistent, steady income.