What can a MRI Scan do for you?

There are many people who go through MRI scanning every day. You know this scanning it not just a tool but a life saviour. Once you scan your body parts you get to know about the presence of any type of problem or ailment if there is any. Once you get the hints right at the initial stage you can do wonders. You know the MRI scan can be used as an extremely proper and accurate method of ailment detection throughout the body.

Theseprovide more correct results when compared to X-rays, Ultrasounds and that of CT scans. Moreover head MRI can often find issues such as stroke, brain aneurysms, and tumours of the brain. Once you know about the possibility of something, you can take precautions. But if you don’t get to know about the presence of an issue, things can turn out to be adverse for you. The point is you should get the area scanned if you want to be sure about it.

You know these neurosurgeons make use of MRI’s to get a better understanding of the brainsanatomy of the patient. They know that there would be no room for doubts once they have executed MRI scanning. Of course, you can also get MRI scans in Mumbai if you so desire. You just need to talk to your doctor and they might help you with this. If you have any issue with your brain or any other body organs or parts but the general doctor is unable to detect any issues, you should think about MRI scanning.MRI scans can even display the strands of abnormal tissue that take place in case someone has multiple sclerosis.

Simplifying the concept

MRI scans – magnetic resonance images – helps in showing the anatomy and pathology within your body. It is a valuable diagnostic tool that helps in imaging the body in detail. This scans can differentiate between healthy tissues and abnormal pathology or that of any type of infection. An MRI scan can showcase detailed images of internal organs like that of brain or even liver.MRI scan is a very common procedure that is used to diagnosis various type of health problems in the body.

It is a scan that produces radio waves then generates detailed images of a specific organ.MRI scan is flexible and it can cover various types of diseases, injuries and even adverse damage of body organs, such as that of tumour in brain, cancer deduction in different areas like breast, abnormalities in heart and so on.  MRI also helps in detecting the issues with internal organs like kidney or so on.In simple words these MRI scanning is carried out on many areas like the brain, joints, spines, abdominals and organs.There are plenty of reasons that patients are referred for the MRI scan like:

  • For the wound to muscle, ligament or cartilage
  • Any type of weakness, numbness or that of tingling
  • Continuous pain or pain that has not recovered with treatment
  • Any discovery of a lump
  • Swelling, Fluid build-up or redness of a joint
  • Disrupted or locked joint
  • Issues related to Infertility
  • Any type of abnormal findings from an x-ray or even CT scan
  • Any type of Post-surgical follow-up
  • Issues related to digestion.

The point is that these are the scans that would aid your consultant, physiotherapist, GP or referring clinician by giving a diagnostic report in link with your symptoms to aid in effective procedure or treatment.

Are there any specific precautions to be taken before scanning?

Well, there are many medical treatments that demand you to take precautions but that is not the case with MRI scanning. Of course, it is going to be one of its own kind experiences but it is a non-invasive method and you would not have to be frightened. Moreover, if talking about prep then you should make sure that you are not wearing anything that has metal in it. If you are wearing any dress that has buttons or zips or any other accessories, that would be a pain for you. Similarly, if you are wearing any jewellery, accessories or any other types of things then you have to remove them.

Moreover there is every possibility that the hospital or clinic authorities or staff members would give you a gown to change into these gowns have no type of accessories and hence the chance of having even an inch of metal is dismissed.  Moreover, if you are a female then you might have to take of your wired bra. You cannot wear a bra that has anything related to metal. And if you have underwent any type of procedures wherein any rod or any type of chip or similar things were put into your body then too you have to told about this to your doctor before.

Similarly, if you are pregnant or you have any other severe type of medical issues, it gets your responsibility to inform the doctor about this. Later on you cannot put the blame on the medical staff or professionals. After all, what is the point if your health deteriorates because kept something secret from the doctor before MRI? Adding to this, for your comfort you can talk to the expert while you are getting scanned. In this way if you have any doubts or any type of uneasiness you can directly tell the doctor. And yes, if you find it hard to sustain in the scanner because of the loud noises that it emits then you can ask for music. 

You would be given a headphone and you can listen to the music. This is something mostly used for the kids to keep them still and calm. And sometimes people are given injections too if they have any type of uneasiness or specific medical condition so as to ensure they do not feel discomforted.


Thus, there is no need to worry when you can easily find MRI centers in Mumbai and get your body examined. It is better to reach to the roots of the problem than to regret later on when the problem is at its advanced stage.