Plan Your Hen’s Party In Just 6 Steps

Hen’s party is one of the important events of wedding functions for which every bridesmaid waits for. Well, organising a successful hen’s party is the main responsibility of the bridesmaid. So, if you’re a bridesmaid then a bundle of work is coming on your way. Party organisation is not at all complicated but it requires proper planning of each and everything. In hen’s party, you’ll need to make proper arrangements for fun activities to strippers, to food, music and drink.

Along with this, there are many other things that need to be taken care of in a hen’s party. So, here’s a guide for the bridesmaid that has everything that you’ll need to plan the party in just 6 simple steps.

Step 1: Setting up the budget for the party

Before you start your research for locations or venues, you need to set your budget. Everything depends on how much you’re ready to pay for the event. Once you’re done with the budget after deciding it with the bride, you can go on searching the locations that suit better for your hen’s party.

Step 2: Preparing a list of guests

In this, you can get help from the bride. Ask her to prepare a list of guests that she wants at her party. Remember, the less number of people, the easier it will be to manage the guests.

Step 3: Selection of a destination or a venue

Right from pubs to party halls, the choice of venues is endless. You can choose the venue keeping the budget in the mind. Remember, the venue should complement the party mood of the guests otherwise they’ll get bored because of too dull venue. Along with this, don’t forget to ask about the bride’s choice after all it’s her day to celebrate.

Step 4: Theme and party props selection

No party is complete without a proper theme. A theme enhances the party mood in the guests. There are so many theme and prop options to choose from. Some of the themes that you can choose are a vintage theme, beach theme, Bohemian theme and many more. If you’ve planned to throw a themed bachelorette party then choose the place as per the theme.

Step 5: Go for the happening game activities

To keep the guests entertained, you need to search for the most happening activities and games in your hen’s party. Again, there are too many options, right from hiring professionals like Central Coast Strippers to organizing photo shoots & quirky party games.

Step 6: Food and music factor

Last but not least, food & music is something that’ll help you to keep the guests in a party mood all day and all night long. So, make sure you’ve made proper arrangements for it.

For a bridesmaid, it’s one of the biggest responsibilities to organise a perfect hen’s party so that it can be remembered for years. With these given 6 steps, you’ll definitely be able to plan a happening hen’s party for the bride-to-be in your group.