Ways That Going Vegan Can Be Fun

If you are thinking of jumping on the vegan train that is becoming increasingly popular, then don’t worry about being too miserable when you’re craving for your previous meaty treats. There are plenty of ways to make the journey to veganism more fun, and ease into the experience in a positive manner. The vegan market has exploded and there are countless products available to replace what you would have previously used, and plenty of companies are making the transition into this special club extra fun!

Subscription boxes

There has been a huge boom in subscription boxes over recent years with more busy people needing a little bit of support to get their regular goodies to their home. Vegans can enjoy this service too as so many companies are now offering subscription boxes specifically for vegans to enjoy. This comes in the form of food and drink, as well as body care and make up. Many of the providers offer a no contract service so you can simply try it out for a little while and then decide if you want to continue to commit to it. This is a fun way to try out different products you haven’t tried before, and it is a great surprise when your box is delivered each month and you can discover what you have been given!


If you are looking to be a full vegan through all your life choices, then it means you will need to look at what you are wearing going forwards too. Leather, fur, and feathers are obvious examples of the use of animals in fashion, but there are many other more subtle materials as well. This will require a little research from you but learning about the subject and manufacturing process of clothes is all part of the experience. The good thing is that there are plenty of brands now offering fashion options that do not have any impact on animals and are specifically used by vegans. An opportunity to discover an entirely new wardrobe of materials and brands is always exciting for any fashionista! Chimmy Churry is a good example of a brand that is devoted to this, and their designs are also fun, colorful, and unique, as they are inspired by South American designs.

Vegan games and discussions

Of course, becoming a vegan opens you up to an entire community of people around the world that are passionate about the welfare of animals as well. There are plenty of ways that you can get involved and make new friends, through local societies, Facebook groups and national associations. It can also add great new discussions to your current friendship group, there are even some games and quizzes themed to veganism online that you can test out with your friends to make the process more enjoyable.

Whatever you must do to make this change in your lifestyle more fun will surely be worth it. By the end of the process, you will be part of an exclusive community, very healthy and guilt free!