Key Safety Features of Double-Glazed Windows

When you buy a new home or are updating current features, safety is likely to be high on your priority list, especially if you have children.

Windows and doors are an essential part of safety in your home. They are escape routes in the event of a fire, but they are also the most frequent entrance point into your home for intruders. So, the right safety features are required to keep them as safe and functional as possible.

With safety in mind, it is important to consider the different kinds of windows that you buy. For homeowners, the most common option is double glazing.

Are double-glazed windows a good investment in safety for the home? This post explores that question in more depth.

Shatterproof glass

A key feature of double-glazed windows is the shatterproof glass.

Why does this matter? It prevents intruders from breaking the windows to enter your home. It also prevents damage that may occur to the windows from the inside, such as children playing baseball in the living room!

Shatterproof glass also means that if the window does become damaged, there is no risk to health. In other words, there won’t be shards of glass on the floor that could cause injury.

Escape hinges

Most double-glazed windows come with escape hinges.

So, should there be a fire or an emergency, the windows can be opened to 90 degrees. This will allow you and your family to escape.

Some options of double-glazed windows may not offer this. To ensure you have this feature, shop around on sites like UPVC Windows World for the best options. Be sure that you also have the windows fitted by a trained professional.

Lockable handles

It may sound minor but being able to lock your windows is why double-glazed windows are so popular.

This allows you to take holidays and trips without concern that your home is being broken into. These window locks are notoriously hard to break. They can also only be opened with a key. So, the option of an intruder breaking the glass and then aiming to open the window from the outside will not work.


Many people who have recently bought a new home have children. Ergo, you will want to ensure that they are safe. That said, you can’t keep your eyes on them all the time. This is where another safety feature of double-glazed windows comes in.

These windows can have restrictors put onto them. So, your child will only be able to open them a short way. This will prevent accidents and injuries and will keep them safe on the upper floors of your home.

Fire retardant

There is a myth that double-glazed windows made from PVC are flammable, meaning that when they are exposed to fire, they will catch alight.

This is not true and is another safety feature of these windows. If you live in an area prone to wildfires, they can act as a protector for your home. They are fire retardants and are sealed around the edges to prevent smoke from entering your home.