Tips to Motivate Your Employees and Ensure You Get the Best from Your Team

If you speak to most business owners and ask them what their company’s greatest asset is, the vast majority will agree it’s their employees. Company workers are the machine that drives a business and help a firm tick over and generate a profit.

However, while most bosses agree that their staff is their company’s most valuable strength, far fewer are aware of just how to get the best from their team. All too often, managers and company owners are fueled by the illusion that pay alone is their greatest motivational tool while, in reality, the story goes much deeper. 

If you’re looking for ways to inspire and influence your team for the better, below are some tried and tested methods you could use to get the very best from your employees.

Be a Good Boss

In a recent survey assessing what makes a good and satisfying job, 15% of employees stated that having an encouraging and helpful boss was key to motivating them and making them work harder. 

Good management goes way beyond just issuing instructions, and if you can work harder at understanding the minds of your employees, realizing their strengths and weaknesses and offering help and encouragement where it’s needed, you’ll go a long way to getting the best out of them. 

Get a Better Overhead View of Your Team with Emotional Analytics

The world of business has changed massively over the last 20 or so years and, as more and more firms begin to integrate tech, computers, and the internet into their everyday operations, so it’s become easier to get a much better, more precise idea of how your staff is performing. 

Moving this a step forward, there is now dedicated employee survey software that you could install which will automatically generate reports on how your team feels and their overall level of satisfaction in their jobs. 

It’s widely recognized that happy employees make for more productive workers but never before has it been easier for companies to get a crystal-clear view of the general satisfaction of their staff. 

Show Your Company Has a Structured Career Ladder

Nobody likes the idea of being stuck in a dead-end job with few prospects, so if you can show your employees there is a route to progression in your firm, you’ll encourage them to work harder. Of course, this can be slightly more difficult in smaller businesses, but even just offering more responsibilities (and, if appropriate, pay) as your workers get better at their jobs can provide a very good incentive. 

Offer Extra Training 

In line with the above point about showing your company has a route for progression, if you offer your staff additional training, you’ll also make them feel more valued and as if they’re bettering themselves through their work. Training staff is a win-win for all concerned – your team feels like they’re progressing, while your firm will also benefit from the extra skills and knowledge they attain.