The Ultimate Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal

If you are considering booking in for laser hair removal, you are probably searching every part of the web for different points to confirm your decision. Whether it will push you to start the process or reinforce that it is not for you, hopefully these pros and cons will help you weigh up the value of going ahead with laser hair removal.


  • Permanent Results

Laser hair removal treatments are effective in producing permanent results. Once you have completed all the treatments, you will be stubble free and not have to worry about whether you scheduled in hair removal before going out. There is minimal chance of regrowth following laser hair removal, so you will have permanent smoothness.

  • Fast and Tolerable

If you are no stranger to waxing or epilating, you will be familiar with the pain of ripping hairs out just to achieve a hairless body. Compared to this, laser hair removal is faster and the pain is usually found to be more tolerable.

  • Cost-Effective

Despite the initial expenses of laser hair removal, you will be saving money on razers or waxing, whichever methods of hair removal you would usually use up to multiple times a week. The permanent results of laser hair removal will knock those items from your shopping list and help you save some extra money.

Many people seek hair removal Oxford and around the world to see the benefits of laser hair removal for long lasting results and an easier hair and skincare routine.


  • Unpredictable Results

Whilst laser hair removal is highly effective, there remains a chance that your type of hair will not respond well to the treatment. In this case, there is a possibility that following the process, you are left with some hair growth, or potentially more. However, your dermatologist will likely identify this quickly.

  • Requires Commitment

Whilst appointments are only short, scheduling in each treatment still requires commitment, and so does altering your skincare routine accordingly. In between appointments, you also must be careful about tanning and sunburn, so laser hair removal should be organized around vacations. If you can commit to the process, you will be more satisfied with the results.

  • Causes Skin Sensitivity

Due to the intensity of the laser needed to produce effective results, this can cause skin sensitivity and dryness. This may not be suitable for certain individuals. With continued moisturization throughout the treatments, for most people this will not be of issue.

Although there is a lot to consider when booking in for laser hair removal treatments generally your commitment to the process is reflected in the results that follow(if you are suitable for undergoing intense laser treatment). Once you have fitted laser hair removal into your schedule and budget, it will pay off by saving you time and money for the future. Overall, if you are fed up with regrowth after each hair removal method and are seeking a permanent solution, laser hair removal is worth considering.