4 Things not to forget for your summer camping trip

If this summer you are planning to go camping with the family or even on your own, then there are quite a few things that you should remember to bring. The tent and sleeping bag are obvious things to remember, but there are a few other smaller items that may not have crossed your mind. Without them, you could have big regrets and your holiday will not be as good as it could have been. This is dependent on the sort of camping you are doing, the services on the campsite, and the country that you are camping in, but they are good ‘rules of thumb’. For more information, kindly visit this dedicated website: https://traveltvondemand.com/


If you are planning to use electricity on your campsite, to charge your phone for example, you might find you have an issue connecting to your electric hook up. Depending on the place, there is a remarkably high chance that you will need to have a special adapter that is created for outdoor use and specifically campsite pitches. Most camping stores will sell these and if you are in a campsite with a shop, they might be able to sell you one as well. It is always a clever idea to find out what is required by the campsite in advance of your trip to make sure you get the right adaptor, and everything will go smoothly.

A pump

Similarly, if you plan to bring anything inflatable with you such as an air mattress, do not forget your pump! Many air mattresses are accompanied by the standard foot pump, but this is a lengthy process at the end of a long day when you just want to get to sleep. If you can afford it, an electric pump is well worth it. The pumps you can purchase have a lot of variety in power and outlet, just consider how you will plug it in at the campsite. Otherwise, you could end up getting very puffed out trying to blow it up by hand!

Hot drinks

Whether you bring a stove or are relying on services on the campsite or nearby, you will want to have access to some warm drinks when it is cold at night. To make your steamy hot cup of coffee go a lot longer, invest in a high-quality flask. There are plenty out there of different quality. This cook shop in Hitchin offers a range of kitchenware including flasks, lunchboxes and other bits and pieces for when you are outdoors.

A torch

You cannot always guarantee that your mobile phone’s torch is going to be working and available, a backup torch is always a safe idea.A handy tip is to use it for two purposes: if you buy a torch with a string handle or clasp, you can not only use it when walking around but also for hanging up inside your tent as your night light. Remember that you should always be considerate of how you use your torch on the site, as others may be asleep when you are shining it around, and wildlife will also be confused by dazzling lights.

Hopefully with the above things, and a little emergency toilet roll, you will not have any catastrophes on your camping trip, and it will be a fun holiday for everyone!