The Ultimate Festival Fashion Guide

I’ve recently been creating a bucket list and I don’t think I’d ever quite realised how much I love festivals until I started doing it! There I found myself listing festival after festival- Burning Man, Tomorrowland, Wilderness… the list goes on! And one of my favourite parts of going to a festival is getting to dress up. Usual rules need not apply when it comes to festival fashion…& here’s a few of my favourites:

1.     GLITTER

Glitter: Gypsy Shrine. Bindi: Topshop. Dress: Motel Rocks

… and lots of it. Glitter your face, chest, boobs… Glitter is the fast track way to catapult out of everyday life and into the life of a glitter queen.

To glitter up, all you is GLITTER (I highly recommend Gypsy Shrine for the coolest glitter going: buy it here), a make up brush (one that you never want to use again) and a tube of hair gel (I used VO5 Mega Hold Hair Styling Gel ). Paint where you want the glitter then dab the brush in glitter to stick on. If covering a large area you can do a little ‘sprinkle’ straight from the pot. Be prepared- no matter how neatly you do this, you WILL be finding glitter everywhere for the next year.

Gypsy Shrine Glitter, Face Stickers & Boob Stickers

Other good glitter alternatives:

If you’re not feeling up to the glitterati painting, Gypsy Shrine do some amazing stick on body jewels (and some great tutorials), including amazing glitter boob stickers if you’re feeling brave!

If you still don’t fancy embracing the glitter,  bindis and metallic body tempory tattoos are a fab way to add some festival shimmer without the clean up operation afterwards.


…because what goes better with glitter than sequins? Channel your inner disco ball and go all out.

If in doubt- think of the boomerangs:

Another one of my favourites is this jumpsuit from Pretty Little Thing– it makes me feel like a real life Mermaid!

3. Wigs

Wigs are an amazing way to instantly change your look (and to hide any unwashed festival hair)! With a wig you can easily change not only your hair length, or style, but the colour and thickness. My favourite place to head to is Divatress, for the best quality but affordable options, lots of which can also be heat styled. I am obsessed with grey coloured hair at the moment, but instead of wrecking my hair before our wedding I’ll be grabbing one of these instead:

They’ve got a huge range of colours and styles, so you can get a couple to match each outfit!

4. Tie Dye & Flowers

If I still haven’t convinced you to embrace life as a disco ball, try embracing your inner hippy with some flower garlands and tie dye…. Happiness when wearing guaranteed.

5. Grab your shades

There is only one way to go when it comes to the ultimate festival shades: Your day time sunnies……..

become your festival best friend in the evening, turning all the lights into love hearts.

And as if that wasn’t good enough, they’re for a good cause, with profits donated to supporting causes in Malawi. <3

6. Fan it out

From cooling you down as the dance floor heats up, to co-ordinated fan dances (it felt good at the time…), grabbing a fan is the way to go, especially if you’re festivalling abroad…

Grab yours:

7. Wellies

If you’re heading to festival in England, wellies are a must. Don’t be fooled by that sunshine, you never know when it could head in and you’ll be left in a mud bath. While Hunters are the way to go if you’re planning on rocking them later on in the year at a wholesome weekend in the countryside, if you’re only planning on wearing them to the festival, head to places like Primark and ASOS for cheap, cheerful (and colourful) options.

Anything else?

Baby wipes & dry shampoo.

Whether it’s mud or glitter your tackling, baby wipes will save your life at a festival (especially if the showers are questionable). Same goes for Batiste Dry Shampoo – instead of trying to wash your hair in a sink (we’ve all been there), just spritz and go, then claim you’re going for a ‘boho’ style. Sorted.


Because ultimately it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. Soak up the festival, the music and the atmosphere… you’ll miss that glittery muddy bubble when you leave it.