Peter Max- One of The Best Artists Pop Art Has Ever Seen!

Pop art has always been intriguing, vibrant and colorful. There is a lot of life in this art and it appeals to both the old and young generation. The older generation recalls the posters they grew up with and the young generation collects them as souvenirs. Pop art is one of the most popular forms of art popular among people across the globe. It has no language barrier and is considered to be an important form of art for artists in every nation.

Peter Max- an iconic name in the world of pop art

The world of pop art is incomplete without one name, Peter Max. He has been around for 50 years and has enthralled audiences worldwide by his amazing pieces of artwork across the globe. He is one of those few artists who is inspired by the cosmic forces and this is why you will find a lot of color, stars, skies, clouds etc. in his work. He has always been inspired by the elements of astronomy ever since his childhood. His parents encouraged him to paint and after he received formal training from some top artists of his time, he ventured forward to create some of the most stunning forms of pop art the world has ever seen.

Painting is his passion and first love

He went on to become so famous and popular in his field that he became the official artist for six Presidents of the USA. He also has been the man behind the artwork for The Grammy Awards, Super Bowl and other major sporting and entertainment events in the USA for a number of times. He says that painting is his passion and he enjoys every bit of his work. He has worked on all surfaces and he is known for his diversity and extensive use of color. His work has been displayed in major galleries and museums across the world. He is the man behind the poster revolution in the 1960’s to 1970’s. His posters are collected by many people across the globe. These posters once adorned college dorms when pop culture was reigning in the USA. Since then, he has come a long way and he is still ruling the hearts of fans with his amazing works of art.

Nature and animals

He is a philanthropist who currently is working for environmental and animal rights. He says the planet Earth is suffering and the need has come for preserving the environment before it is too late. He has dedicated some of his major artwork to these causes. Peter Max is an active supporter of animal rights. He spends much of his time in charity and raising awareness on both these causes that are close to his heart!

Peter Max is an icon who is passionate about his work. He says that when it comes to creativity his mind races back to the cosmic forces and nature. His work is widely sought around the world. People throng galleries and museums to see his astonishing creations that have won the hearts of millions not only in the USA but across the globe too!