6 Easy Steps To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Hotel Room

When you check into a hotel room, you’re so taken with the splendid space with its fluffy beds and its soft spun silk sheets lure you to extend your stay because there are few things that make you feel as indulgent and you don’t want to check out soon enough.

To experience such luxury, you don’t have to spend tonnes of money on booking costly hotel rooms.

A few changes here and there can add such a deluxe vibe and feel to your bedroom.

Here are few simple steps to make your room feel just like a hotel room.

  1. Gorgeous bed sheets

The ambience of a bedroom relies largely upon its bed sheets and how inviting they look.

The easiest way to make your bed look attractive e is to dress it up with sheets that look elegant and stylish.

So go for some crisp, white and gorgeous looking sheets that add beauty to your bed and comfort to your sleep.

Most of the hotels use sateen or percale sheets to give a royal touch to the space, but it all depends on which material you feel is more suitable and comfy for you.

And if you can splurge a bit, then have the sheets professionally laundered before placing them on the bed. This will make them look wrinkle free and add a touch of elegance.

Always try to buy two or three sets together, so that you will have enough options to change them over a period of time.

  1. Lighting

You might have noticed that most hotels have lamps or sconces by the bedside.

The main purpose behind this is to make the mood of the space cosy and pleasant.

It pulls the entire room together visually and also helps to put off the overhead lights and lighten the spot with little lighting when you are reading or checking your phone.

Both lamps and sconces work well with a slight difference as lamps can be used to mix and match while sconces are required to match with their pairs.

  1. Soft fluffy rugs

While thinking about a deluxe hotel room, the first thing that comes to mind after the white gorgeous sheets is the fluffy rugs.

According to the size of the room and bed, find some soft and fluffy rug that goes perfectly with your bedroom.

If you like a small size rug and want to experiment then buy two more pieces of the same or larger size and place them around each side of the bed.

Remember you will stand barefoot on these so these should be soft to walk on.

  1. King size pillows

A luxury hotel room feels more that way with large, square European pillows combined with the bed.

King size pillows can anchor at the back of your bed and give you utmost comfort while reading, laying down or watching TV.

These also go a long way to add to the overall visual impact of your room.

  1. Bedside table

Another great and useful object to give a classy look to your bedroom is to add a bedside table.

If you have space then a side table standing alongside the bed will look perfect and keep things handy.

If you love to read, then keep a stack of books close.

An attractive night lamp will only add to the aesthetics of your room and also shed light whenever you decide to pull an all-nighter.

Other things like your creams, lotions or stuff that you need daily before going to bed will be easily accessible in the drawers.

Apart from these major changes, ensure that every little thing like the lightings, the paint, curtains, the bed etc, complements each other well. Install designer radiators for the added level of lavishness.

With these 6 easy and small changes, you will surely spend your time more comfortably and magnificently right within the comforts of your bedroom!