Motorcycle camping during a pandemic

Generally, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a global disruption of our day-to-day activities. However, several policies have been put in place to help curb the pandemic’s spread, such as washing hands with soap and water, minimal traveling, sanitizing, social distancing, wearing face masks, and staying at home. We all know how boring it can be staying indoors, right? As a rider, I thought bike camping would be an excellent adventure to explore for a vacation. Due to the pandemic, I had to lay down strategies to ensure my camping will be successful.

A route planner for camping.

Before you set out for a camp, it is good to know the exact place where you are going to camp and make proper arrangements such as booking. Due to the pandemic, looking for an isolated secure, adventurous camping site would be appropriate to prevent the spread. With the advanced technology that we have, I recommend using RideWithGPS to give proper guidance on the route that you will use to get to your destination. However, the smartphone may not be reliable since there are places that getting the service may be a challenge; hence carrying a physical map is essential.

Motorcycle camping gear.

While camping, you’ll need some shelter, right? I consider having a well-designed single-person backpacking tent as it packs everything into a small stuff sack. It is good to ensure that there is adequate space for my gear in case it rains. It is essential to have a backpacking sleeping bag with a partition for my inflatable sleeping pad. Remember that you need to carry items that do not have a lot of weight for a comfortable ride.

With the pandemic, sharing of materials is a no-no; hence in addition to your requirements, you will need to carry fruits, snacks, water, and dehydrated meals. To cook my food, I use a jet boil. Remember to bring disposable plates and spoons, a small battery-powered lantern, a rechargeable power bank to charge my phone, a camping towel, and a camping chair.

Motorcycle riding gear.

With hot weather, I consider wearing a motorcycle jacket that ensures proper ventilation to keep me cool. Motorcycle gloves are also essential while riding as they ensure that my hands are warm and prevent them from been hurt. Riding without a helmet is too risky; hence I ensure that my helmet is in good condition for maximum protection. If you don’t have the necessary riding gear, you can purchase them at motorcycle imports before commencing your trip. 

Bike maintenance.

Before setting out on a journey, I ensure that I change the oil, get my oil filter replaced, and have a general mechanic look over the rest of my motorcycle to ensure that it is fit for the journey. New oil and a new filter prevent me from having issues on the road. I also replace my tires if they are worn out.