7 Vastu Shastra Tips For Decorating Your Home

Here are some tips to help you decorate your home according to Vastu solutions in Ludhiana (Feng Shui) standards, to make you happier:

1. Remove obstacles to the free flow of positive energy

Clutter creates barriers that hinder the free flow of positive energy. So you have to throw out the useless things you keep under your bed and put them in the pantry and the like. Clean your closets and leave enough space in each unit. The little things create obstacles that generate negative energy. Among other things, a lot of decorations and unnecessary things would make your home messy, which is definitely a good reason to get rid of them. You can feel burdened and bored in a crowded house.

2. Welcome happiness, door

All doors in the house and in the office should work smoothly. The door should not make noise when opening and closing, nor should it creak. Doors that work well bring happiness to the home. Broken and jammed doors create obstacles that stand in the way of happiness. So check all the doors of your house and if some do not work smoothly, then fix them to open the way to happiness.

3. Highlight important things

You can collect some items that make you feel happy. For example, you can place trophies in a visible place in your house or room. Place various important things in the rooms in your house that you visit often. By following this activity, you can bring happiness to your home.

4. Use Yin colors for calmness

Colors that give you a feeling of peace and calm are called yin colors. You can use blue, black, purple and white. These yin shades can help you create a peaceful ambience in your home or office. A yin colored bedroom can give you a restful sleep. These colors can also help refresh your mind and body.

5. Use Yang colors in your office and home atmosphere

Yang colors and their brightness can bring you motivation and energy. Yellow and orange are the two best examples of Jan shades. You can use yang colors in your workplace. They can help you work with full enthusiasm. Wherever you need an ambience full of concentration and energy, just use yang colors.

6. Be careful when choosing the shape of your furniture

Avoid furniture with sharp edges, because this type of furniture limits the flow of good energy. Furniture with soft and smooth corners is a better choice for the flow of good energy. A round coffee table is the best example of smooth and soft furniture.

7. Sunlight in your house

Keep the curtains open and allow light to enter the room. Sunlight produces positive energy in your home. For more positive energy, you can use bells, flowers and other decorative items.

You can use all the above tips to create a pleasant atmosphere in your home or can consult with an astrologer in Model Tow Ludhiana.