Make Cyber Security A Priority

Working on the web 24/7? Worried about the security of your computer? Tired of third-party websites trying to access or penetrate your browser? Cyber security is the method one should opt for! Some companies help you set up a system in your PC which keeps a check on any kind of cyber threat that may occur. The systems carry out web application pentesting and perform security analysis. These systems work as applications and can be installed on your PC or mobile phone. So, how does pentesting work? And what is it exactly? This article is going to brief you with the details of it.

A system is designed to detect any form of vulnerability for threats on the web application. The platform contains Artificial intelligence-based automated scanners that detect threats. A certified team of security experts is allotted to look into the matters for business organizations where they need extra security for heavy systems.

A penetration tester is used to perform an attack on the system environment via the means of ethical hacking. CSS Injection, SQL injection tests, Remote Code Execution, Web defacement, etc. are carried out to test vulnerabilities throughout the web application as well as to note down the elements such as source code, database, back-end network. Mitigation solutions are provided for the same after checking the issues.

The assessment is carried out in the following steps –

  • Active Reconnaissance: The intruder tries to engage with the targeted system and gathers information about its vulnerabilities. This step involves port scanning, War Dialling, Foot-printing, Fingerprinting, DNS Lookup, Zone Transfer, etc.
  • Passive Reconnaissance: In this step, the intruder isn’t directly interacting with the target without letting the target record or make a log of the activity. This step involves Dumpster Diving, Social Engineering, Newsgroups, Forums, Deep Web Leakage, Dorking, etc.
  • Exposing the vulnerability: After the Recon is accrued out, the vulnerabilities have to be exposed. It has to be carried out both automatically and manually so that it can be identified beforehand. OWSAP methodologies and attack lists work best for identifying all the possible flaws.
  • Exploitation: When the flaws are identified, they are checked on the basis of how they can be exploited. Different tools and techniques are applied for the same.
  • Analysis of risks: After everything is checked, it is an important step to calculate the risk that may come along with the vulnerabilities. The cycle may help define the actual Priority and Severity of a vulnerability.
  • Generating a Report: Here, the attack vectors, Payloads, required tools, steps to replicate the vulnerability is carried out as a part of the final assessment. A “VAPT” report is generated for the same showing Preventive measures, Overall risks, and score.

This technology is needed to get a proper idea of the system you are dealing with. It lets you know about its strengths and weaknesses. Web app penetration testing is required to keep the cyber threats away. So consider opting for it to gain a better form of security!