5 Tips to have good pictures on your engagement ceremony

Engagement is such an important ceremony in anyone’s life. It is a very emotional day for new couples who are about to start their life. The whole day of engagement is filled with emotions. So it is important to lock it as a memory for the rest of your lifetime. Here comes the importance of photography for an engagement ceremony. Proper planning is necessary for a perfect photoshoot, but some people will spoil the entire photography without planning well. To get the end result well you have to follow some tips and tricks. 

Comfortable clothes

You have to feel extremely comfortable in your clothes. If your outfit is too tight or too loose, you may feel conscious about it in the whole event. So it might show up in some of your photos. You do not have to select an outfit that is too dramatic or too subtle. You have to choose the one, in which you feel yourself. Once you have selected the outfit, you do not necessarily have to wait until the big day. You have to choose the dress to wear it someday for testing purpose. Then only you can feel comfortable in the dress on the engagement day. If you have already used your engagement outfit for testing purposes, make sure to de-wrinkle it before the big day.


The main component in the engagement ceremony is the engagement rings. The selection of stunning ring will sparkle the photo. If you search for engagement rings in hatton garden jewellery shops, you can find the best ring as per your taste as well as according to your budget. In addition to the ring, many people purchases matching necklaces and earrings. This is also a good idea because it will look extraordinary in the photograph.

Hair and makeup

Hairstyle completely enhances the bride’s look. Photos require a more intense high definition makeup look. So make sure to consult a makeup artist beforehand. You should select the hairstyle that suits your face and dress for the party. A professional makeup artist will do your necessary things with perfection, so choosing an experienced professional can be tricky.


No matter what the occasion is, the lighting can make or break a photograph. So discuss with your photographer about the places and locations where you are going to capture. This will help you to prepare according to the location timings. Another important thing is to keep a photo session with the sun. The sunset is a beautiful timing to capture a couple of photographs. The sunset shots are meant to be the couple thing, so do not miss taking one.

Get nails done

You can easily find the unique and fashionable engagement rings Hatton Garden. When you are about to click a picture in the engagement, the nails are going to be visible. The Engagement ring hand picture will look more stunning when the nails are also done. You could add some properties to the hand instead of clicking it simply.