How to maximize the life of your rechargeable battery

Batteries are a trustworthy energy source. They can provide a particular amount of energy that will last for a certain period of time. It has to be said that a battery’s life can’t necessarily be “increased”. The battery actually ends up losing part of its capacity. However, you will be able to make some decisions that could help maximize the battery’s life efficiency.

Avoid full discharge

This is the first step that should be taken. The complete discharge of a battery is a major cause of battery cell damage, which also affects its lifespan. In theory, batteries need to be recharged when 30% charge is left. However, this is very difficult to keep track of.

Maintain the charge levels

You have to be aware of the length of time a battery lasts in a device. After getting this information, you need to make sure the device doesn’t completely discharge from then on. If you plan on using these batteries on a regular basis, try to recharge them often. Use a smart charger to ensure efficient charging. A smart charger will also use the appropriate energy to charge the batterywhile making sure each cell is charged to an equal level. If a device requires multiple batteries, attempt to put batteries of the same type, brand, energy level and package (if possible). You could use a permanent marker to mark the batteries. With this, you can then use batteries that will be able to provide equal energy amounts.

Use it or discard it

This is just a saying – don’t discard your batteries just yet! We should remember that battery life deteriorates while they’re being used AND while they’re not being used. That’s why a lot of manufacturers provide a cycle and calendar life for batteries. Your battery shouldn’t be always charged as it might damage its life plan. That’s why you need to unplug the device on occasions and run it down by 10%. It is important to know that leaving batteries in a device for a long time without charging them will result in electrode damage. If this happens, you can always get new ones at Remember to the treat the new ones with care.

Stay clear of heat

Heat is very detrimental to batteries, so the best thing is to keep them away from every form of heat. Heat can lead to batteries losing their lifespans and cause physical damage to the batteries. This also applies to the sun – don’t leave your batteries exposed to sunlight. This will cause an increase in internal pressure in the cell, which will likely result in leakage as well as reduced service life.

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Use the ideal charger

It might seem convenient to take one charger that can serve different purposes, but it is important that you make use of chargers that have been designed for a particular device.  This is because the ideal charger will be able to provide the appropriate amount of power that the device will require.