How to Choose Your Ideal Wedding Car

If you are planning your big day, remember to add car shopping to the to-dolist. The wedding car that you choose will contribute to the overall success of the day because it is responsible transporting you between venues and adds to the overall appearance and style—not putting enough attention to detail with booking a wedding car can cause challenges with your wedding day schedule.

Choose your ideal wedding car by considering the following points.


Think About the Wedding Theme

If you are planning a themed wedding, a car that matches your color palette will tie the day together. There is an endless list of vehicles to suit your preferences,so filter your options based on your dream wedding aesthetic to find the picture-perfect wedding car.The most popular types of wedding car include:

  • Vintage: dating from the 1920s to early 30s
  • Classic: dating from the 1930s to 70s
  • Modern:dating from the 1980s to the present day
  • Passenger: larger to carry more members of the wedding party

Specify your theme in your search, for example“vintage wedding cars in London“ or “modern wedding car hires near me” to bring up relevant results.

Add Decorations

Wedding cars require decorations to add the finishing touches,and this is usually a task that the car hire company will be happy to carry out. You will want to decide on the most appropriate decorations and consult the car company so that you get a result that you are satisfied with.

Consider the Season

Certain cars may be suitable for the warmer seasons and others may not. If you are planning a wedding in the colder months, be sure to opt for more coverage to keep warm, as opposed to an open-top vehicle that will not protect you against any rain or wind. However, if you are heading towards a summer wedding, you might enjoy less coverage to achieve a dramatic entrance.

Check the Location and Availability

Venturing out of your area to hire a car may widen the market, but it can be an inconvenience on the wedding day if there are unforeseen issues with traffic or other delays. Searching within a reasonable distance will allow your wedding to run on schedule.

Stay Within Your Budget

When hiring a car for your wedding day, there is generally a deposit as part of the bill. You may also be interested in wedding insurance to cover the risk of damages. Depending on your wedding budget, affordability may be a factor in choosing your wedding car.

Find a Suitable Vehicle

If you have a voluminouswedding gown, or extra people in your wedding party to consider, you will need to be clear on your criteria when choosing a wedding car.You do not want the hired car arriving to pick you up on the day and either not fitting your dress inside, or leaving you having to call a taxi for your bridesmaids.

The process of finding the ideal wedding car is not too complicated, but does still require some additional planning. Note down these factors to guide you in your search and you will be sure to find the perfect vehicle to transport you to your venue and complete your wedding day.