Cryptocurrency ATM Chicago – Enjoy Better Liquidity Compared to Other Currencies

Bitcoin users are increasing daily, and it is the most popular form of cryptocurrency across the globe today. If you compare Bitcoin to its peers, you will find the former has better liquidity. Users of bitcoin are allowed to retain most of the inherent value of bitcoin when they convert it to another fiat cryptocurrency like the Euro or the US dollar. In case of other cryptocurrency, they cannot be easily converted to fiat currencies, and even if they can, they lose a lot of their inherent value. 

Get information on cryptocurrency ATM Chicago online

When you have decided to use cryptocurrency for your transactions, you need to use special cryptocurrency ATM Chicago for the task. These ATMs look like normal ATM units for fiat currencies; however, their function and mode of operations are different. These ATMs help you to deposit cash and buy bitcoin. However, there is always an upper and lower limit of bitcoin that can be purchased, and if the number of bitcoin you want is high, you need to undergo a verification process. 

Conduct international transactions faster with bitcoin

It is relatively easier for you to conduct international transactions with bitcoin over regular cash. There are no fees for the transaction or any government regulation you need to abide by like the ones you face in the event of credit card transactions, cash withdrawals from an ATM, and money transfers across the globe. The fees for conducting all of the above generally range from 3% of the value of the amount as fees for the transaction and for money transfers, its fees can go up to 15% that is quite expensive. Bitcoin has gained immense popularity across the world, and this is why it enjoys lower transaction fees. The fees, however, are variable, and one will find it rare to pay over 1% of the transaction value as fees for the transaction carried out. Even if you compare it to PayPal and credit cards, you will find that bitcoin fees are always lesser than the above transactions.

Enjoy anonymity with every transaction you make

With bitcoin transactions, you are able to enjoy 100% anonymity. In the case of fiat currencies, one is able to track down your spending and purchase history. You become prey to sophisticated hacking attacks. However, bitcoin transactions are different, and users can keep their identity secret as they have a private key that is like a password to safeguard their transactions. This private key should never be lost, or else the holder of bitcoin will not be able to access the wallet. The private key is a series of digits that are like a strong password. This is why, with bitcoin transactions, it is really hard for one to figure out who the people are in the bitcoin transaction.

Therefore, when it comes to the use of bitcoin, you will enjoy better liquidity, reduced fees, and more security. Search for the nearest cryptocurrency ATM Chicago online to get access to the nearest machine for buying the bitcoin you need to conduct safe transactions with success!