How to Fix the Car Window Defroster

To maintain good visibility on the windshield and windows, the modern cars come with a defroster system. The importance of this defroster can be best experienced, when you have to drive through a cold frozen morning. Still better will be driving through rain, or snowfall during winter seasons. Without the defroster working in tune, it would be difficult to drive with the glasses rolled up.

So, it is quite understood, that you simply cannot drive safely, with a malfunctioning defroster. So, here are some tips we have gathered from a team of experienced mechanics of the Hesperia auto repair on how to fix the car window defroster, when it goes out of order.

They assured that while some serious issues regarding the defroster might need a professional hand to get repaired, there are few common problems that can come up with the defroster that can be diagnosed and repaired easily at home.

Signs of a Trouble

While driving on a cold morning and warming up the car, if it is seen that though most of the glass surfaces is clean, some patches are appearing to be smoky. It could be that the defroster is switched on for a while but just didn’t work even after a while. These are sure shot signs of a failure in the defrosting system, the reason of which can be varied. It can either be caused out of natural wear or some component failure, because of mishandling. Thedefroster is laid as a grid on the glass and one should be mindful never to scrapeon it. But at times it can get scraped up accidentally with the cargo materials brushing against its fragile electrical system.

Diagnosis & Repair

To figure out what’s wrong with your car glass defroster, execute he following steps before you surrender to a professional mechanic.

Burnt Fuse: To diagnose the issue with your defroster start with checking for the fuse. If you find it burnt, you can replace it, and most likely it will start working again, if there is no more complication in the system.

Broken Tabs: The defroster works as a grid that is laid in a series of parallel wires on the rear windshield spreading from one end to the other. Power runs through these grid wires from the battery to a metal tab placed on one side of the windshield as well on the other side of the glass, while staying connected to ground. If any of these tabs gets disconnected, the circuit breaksand becomes unable to generate the required heat.

So if there is a broken tab, you can easily reattach them using a tab adhesive, which is a specific type of glue having the qualities to carry out electric current.

But remember the fact that this particular adhesive works well mainly in warmer temperatures, so if it is cold outside, you can make good use of a hairdryer held on it for a couple of minutes and then then start the process of application. Do not forget to wear a pair off work gloves before starting the job, as the adhesive can stick to your skin as well and cause irritation, suggested one of the mechanics of the Hesperia auto repair to whom we spoke to.