Calm Medical Test Anxiety

Many people find it difficult to undergo medical testing. The procedures are often unfamiliar and uncomfortable. In addition, the person faces the uncertainty of waiting for test results. 

Talk to Your Doctor

Make sure you understand the purpose of the test. Ask about any special diets, medicines, or procedures you need to follow before or after the test. Make a list of questions before you talk to your doctor, to help you remember everything. Ask about imaging options like open MRI that you may find more comfortable.

Anyone can write about medical procedures and post on the internet. If you search the web for information about the test, stick to reading reputable websites from medical centers and universities. However, it can be difficult for a layperson to accurately interpret how the information on a web page will apply to your individual circumstances. Share what you learn with your doctor and ask his or her opinion.

Seek Support From Others

Take a family member with you to all of your appointments. In stressful situations, it can be difficult to remember all the details of tests and instructions. Your family member can take notes and review them with you when you get home.

If your anxiety about the medical test is severe, consider talking with a professional counselor. A few sessions may be all that you need to manage the immediate circumstances. If you are facing a serious diagnosis, longer-term therapy may be helpful support.

Take Care of Your Body

Exercise and eat properly. When you take care of your body, it is better able to help you handle stressful situations. Try listening to a meditation app on your phone to calm your mind. 

Medical tests can create anxiety when you are unfamiliar with the process or face a potentially difficult diagnosis. By talking to your doctor, seeking support from other people, and taking care of yourself, you can ease the feelings.