Activities in Round Rock, Texas

Many visitors to Texas don’t know much about Round Rock, so they simply pass through it en route to other cities like Austin or Waco. However, Round Rock is a great destination for a weekend escape or even a stopover on the road. It has an abundance of parks, boutiques, and family-friendly activities, as well as the largest indoor waterpark in the country, an underwater-themed bowling alley, and two-pound donuts.

Your curiosity has been sparked; now, while looking for weekend activities & things to do in round rock, you’ll know just what to look for. You may prevent the dreaded “hangry” feeling on your next trip to Texas by consulting our information on where to eat in Round Rock.

The Origin of Round Rock’s Name

Have you ever wondered why Round Rock was given that name? This weekend, you might be able to witness a real-life piece of Texas history! You may find the “Round Rock” in Brushy Creek not far from Chisholm Trail Crossing Park. In the 1850s, it served as a signpost for people across the creek with waggons or cattle at a low point in the water. Wagons have rumbled over this rock for years, and the rock itself shows evidence of wear.

Bowl in the Water

Among all the bowling alleys in Texas, Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl and Grill is among the most hip and trendy. This bowling alley, arcade, and bar has an immersive underwater theme and is decked out in nautical accents from floor to ceiling. Marine life decorates the ceiling, with pin setters in the shapes of crocodiles, sharks, and octopi, and blue lighting that represents sunshine filtering through the ocean.

The ceiling of the bar is decorated with a detailed sunken ship, which is encircled by enormous marlins and has fish netting extending up to it. Munch on some appetisers, a basket of fried shrimp or fish and chips, or a slice of pizza or a kid-friendly meal. Large dining rooms resembling the hold of a luxurious pirate ship are also available for your next big event. There’s a Bass Pro Shop right next door if you’re looking for more things to do.

Go Swimming in a Waterfall

The park of Chisholm Trail Crossing was undergoing renovations during our visit, but we were able to swim in the beautiful waterfall nonetheless. Relax on the retaining wall overlooking the waterfall and take a dip in the water to cool yourself before it goes into Brushy Creek. Feel free to bring a picnic lunch or snacks to enjoy at one of the nearby tables. Brushy Creek, just across the street, is a great place to go fishing because it is shallow and calm enough to observe the fish swimming underneath.

Enroll in a Ceramics Course

Merry’s Mud Pottery House is a welcoming place where you may take pottery classes and enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or a pastry. There will be one lesson per week for a total of six weeks. Because her classes never have more than seven students, owner Merry Smith is able to provide each student individualised attention. Don’t bother lugging your clay and tools back and forth over the course of the six weeks; you may leave them safely in our storage area. This is a wonderful opportunity for locals to spend quality time together on a weekly basis, whether it be with family, friends, a significant other, or to meet some new people.

Please note that Merry Smith is only open from 10am to 5pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, so if you’re in Round Rock for the weekend and want to stop by and check out her selection, you’ll have to wait until next week. These times are not applicable to the pottery classes, though.