5 of the Best Applications on Android for Users

There are so many options in everything you use or want to try. Talking about applications on android, you have no shortage in options. You can easily come across variety of options for your usage and needs. But have you ever tried to peep into the best applications trending?

Well, are you one of those who always stay glued to the old applications? Come on, you need to try new options and pick the apps that have the power to give you an amazing experience, help you with powerful skills and become your companion. Without wasting any time, for now have a quick look at some of the finest applications that you can use on your android today.

Adobe Premiere Rush

It is Adobe’s latest app for Android, and this is largely built for those who want to quickly and easily edit videos on the go. The app easily supports video, audio, and even that of image files, and permits for things such as the addition of text, transitions, and much more. The app is available as a premium version and you can also get it as part of Adobe’s huger Creative Cloud subscription.


It is the diet app for folks who often eat out. The app is aimed at assisting you find meals at restaurants that fit inside your diet, permitting you to quickly and easily choose from restaurants, meal types, lifestyle alternatives, and more. The app is pretty well-designed and absolutely easy to use too, which is always a great plus. You would definitely experience quality when you use this app.

9apps Install

Luminary really desires to be the Netflix of podcasts, and the company has finally launched its amazing app for Android. As the Netflix of podcasts, you would have to pay to get access to its podcast library, but there is a ton of wonderful exclusive content in there. The app also enables you to listen to all your favourite free podcasts. In this way you can listen to what you like and that too without any delays or hassle.

Pocket mode

Do you often feel that your phone does things in your pocket that too in the absence of your permission? Pocket Mode is specifically designed to avert that. The app makes use of the proximity sensor to detect when it is in your pocket, after which it would lock down your screen and other sensors, making sure that you don’t pocket dial your contacts like friends and family.Certainly it gets embarrassing when you end up calling people without your knowledge.

Spotify Stations

Spotify’s latest app is aimed at folks who wish to discover more music. Spotify Stations is an ad-based streaming app that permits the users to pick their music by genre, topics, decade, and so on, and is ideal for anyone who loves the idea of music discovery for free.


Thus, go ahead and do 9apps Install and get all these applications for free from this third party robust play store.