4 Awesome Wall Décor Ideas for Your Living Room

Shifted to a new house or want to re-decorate the old one? Then perhaps focus on the walls too. Make use of the blank walls. Fill them with beautiful and unique artworks, various wall décor items like stencils, wall hangings etc. Never hesitate while investing in good pieces of art.

So, here are some of the most useful tips for you.

  1. In order to give the empty walls a striking look, you can choose to hang wall paintings for living room. Bigger wall paintings or artworks will increase the statement too. If you have a narrow space or wall near you doorway, then you can use a tall painting that will fit perfectly. Another thing that you can do to give your living room some depth and contrast is hang framed artworks. Anyone can hang a lightweight painting if you are doing it on your own because hanging a massive and heavy wall art can require the presence of a professional.
  2. Some of you may not like the idea of hanging a single, large artwork on the wall. So, here you might like the idea of hanging multiple artworks and creating an organized gallery of abstract painting for living room. Hang multiple wall paintings in proper alignment. If you want modern art gallery then the key is to use the art frames of the same size. Place them one right under the other and the right next to each other. This will give it a symmetrical appearance. Make sure to take exact measurements between each frame so that there is an equal space between each one of them.
  3. Cornered art is trendy today. So, how about hanging artworks, paintings or photographs on two walls that intersect each other. It will surely give your walls a defined look in an artistic way. Go ahead with bold and two completely different art works. You can also give your walls a cohesive look by hanging the artworks of the same artist, theme, colour or medium. Even if the wall décor differs in medium, the similar sized artworks will give an elegant look to your space.
  4. Wallpaper is also a good idea to decorate your walls to give it a stylish effect. Textured or patterned wallpapers are way too trendy these days. It is a great idea to bring about an artistic look. Use bold, decorative wallpapers that are patterned and layered with a painting. This may look too loud but it will surely work well in an eclectic space.

Before taking the nail and hammer in your hand, always make sure to choose the walls that are not covered mostly with the furniture. Choose blank and empty walls. Even the choice of wall décor items can make small spaces look even bigger. You can even take the help of interior decorators who can suggest the best of wall decorating items for your living room and other spaces. So, all ideas will give you the necessary push and decorate walls in the best way.