Why pick a madhubani painting over others

Madhubani is among the most traditional paintings available in India. The origin of the art lies in the folk paintings of Mithila where it is practised by the womenfolk of the region. You can buy the new madhubani paintings for your home to beautify the walls and place a bit of Indian tradition in the abode.

Where to find madhubanipaintings

Originally Madhubani paintings are from Mithila of Ramayana fame but now they can be found everywhere and even online purchase is possible. The popularity of Madhubani art is very recent but it has been practiced by the women of the region for over 2500 years.

Mithila as we know is the birthplace of Sita of Ramayana and hence stories from her life occupy a huge part of the paintings from in Madhubani. Other important features include Mahaveer and Lord Buddha. The main theme of the new Madhubani paintings is pastoral symbols, mythology and folk stories.

Themes and colours

These include devotion, love, weather and fertility. You can take your pick from different seasons of marriage, fertility, and even the signs of prosperity like the turtle, Sun, moon, fish, parrot, elephant,bamboo tree and more. These paintings actually look fabulous on the walls because they are done in very bright colours. The figures are drawn in linear and abstract form. They look very bright and somewhat like the way children draw.

Traditional colours are used in these paintings.They are natural and drawn from plants. For instance, red colours are drawn from hibiscus and yellow from turmeric, blue from Indigo etc. However, now many of the artists also use synthetic paints. The style of painting uses two different styles like the bharni or the shading and the kachni or hatching.

The different styles

In the Katni style not much colour is used. State instead a lot of fine lines are employed to to create the paintings. Alternative in the burning style you will find the use of solid colours for filling the picture. All the shadesare of bright colours. Some of the colours used are green, Mustard yellow, orange, and blue. But the artists are also becoming innovative and adding new colours like ochra, purple, navy, red, and brown.

This enhances the number of colours that can be used and also adds a touch of innovation to the themes. Including new themes requires the use of new colours. Black is used for making the outline of the pictures. Sometimes both stippling and hatching are used for filling the pictures and adding and innovative touch to it. traditionally these paintings were made on the walls of the houses for good luck. You can hang Madhubani paintings in your house with the same intention. They add a touch of colour and tradition to your house.

Take away

If you want to add a hint of colour to your house try picking madhubanipainting art. Pick a wall that is central to the room for the painting to enjoy the full attention of the people. There are five different styles available like the bharni, kachni, kohbar, tantrik and godna. So, go ahead and take your pick.