Which is the best health insurance company for an individual?

A health insurance policy is a necessity for people of all ages these days. You may buy one of the best individual health insurance policies that reputed companies like Future Generali have designed. When you get one of these policies, you remain secure against the surgical and medical expenses that may arise in the coming years. A medical insurance is an agreement between the company and policyholder, where the latter pays an annual premium. In return, the insurer needs to pay for the medical and hospitalization expenses, that are specified in the policy.

When you choose a health insurance policy, you need to consider the benefits that you gain. For instance, Future Generali has come up with an excellent individual health insurance plan, where adults between 18 and 70 years of age have a lifetime renewal option. This is one of the best plans available in the market now. In addition to the basic health plan, you can also opt for certain add-ons. The basic health scheme includes the hospitalization costs that might arise as a result of accidents, surgical treatments, day-care procedures and critical illness. The individual health insurance plan of Future Generali covers over 130 day-care procedures, ambulance expenses and the pre-existing diseases are covered after renewing the plan for 4 years consecutively.

Besides, you can also buy the add-ons through which you can enjoy supplementary coverage to the present health plan. This increases the overall amount of insurance, while you need to pay a relatively low amount of premium. If you are planning to buy an individual health insurance policy, you can go for Future Generali.

Features to check out before you buy a health insurance plan

When you plan to buy a health-insurance policy, you can enjoy several tailor-made solutions with the top insurers. You may visit the official website of Future Generali to explore the plans. It is important to choose the right features in your policy, so that the expenses arising from surgeries and treatments are covered. When you buy a health insurance plan, make sure to check out the following features.

Pre-hospitalization expenses: Before a person undergoes hospitalization, certain expenses need to be made. These may include medication, medical diagnostic tests and so on. The reputed insurance companies provide pre-hospitalization expenses for 30-60 days. When you buy the health insurance policy of Future Generali, the company covers pre-hospitalization expenses up to 60 days. Besides, all the expenses during hospitalization, like operation theatre charges, room rents, ICU charges, surgery charges, consultation fees of the doctors are also covered. Other expenses like oxygen, blood and anesthesia will also be provided by the health insurance company.

Post-hospitalization expenses: The expenses that are to be made after the patient is released from the hospital constitute the post-hospitalization expenses. Most of the companies provide these costs during the months following hospitalization. When you buy Future Generali’s individual health insurance plan, you can get all post-hospitalization expenses up to 90 days covered.

Domiciliary hospitalization: At times, you need to get the patient treated by medical practitioners at home. In case the medical treatment has to be delivered at home, it is referred to as domiciliary hospitalization. It is recommended to go for a policy that comes with this feature, as the patient can receive treatment if he or she cannot be admitted to the hospital for a valid reason.

Day care procedures: Medical treatments of various kinds constitute the day care procedures. These may include angiography, dialysis, radiotherapy, lithotripsy, colonoscopy, appendectomy, chemotherapy, eye surgery, hydrocele and so on. It is wise to include as many day care procedures as possible in the scheme, as these procedures may involve a huge expense. The individual health insurance policy of Future Generali includes as many as 130-day care procedures, which ensure that the patients can get most of the common procedures covered by the plan.

 Organ donation expenses: Well, when you go for a health insurance plan, check out whether the company covers the cost of organ donation. Apart from the patient undergoing treatment, the donor also needs certain amount of money for treatment. When you get these expenses covered, the donor will get a financial security through your policy. Check out the website of Future Generali for relevant details on organ donation expenses in its different schemes.

Critical illness: Most of the reputed health insurance companies provide critical illness coverage. The common ailments include stroke, heart attacks, paralysis, coronary artery disease, major organ transplant, chronic lung disease and so on. Before buying the individual health insurance policy, check out the list of diseases that the policy covers. Future Generali is a reputed company and you can get the cashless treatments approved in a few hours.

 Ayush treatments: If you want to avail alternative medical treatments like Ayurvedic treatments, Naturopathy, Yoga, Siddha and Homeopathy, it is important to check out whether or not the insurers provide the coverage. Most of the people compare the best policies to find out the one that caters to their needs. You can also get customized packages from the reputed insurance companies.

Other expenses: Apart from the heads mentioned above, you may also need financial coverage for other associated costs. When you purchase the health insurance policy, check out the ambulance cover, check-up costs, hospital cash and vaccinations. The established insurance companies like Future Generali provide coverages for all these expenses. From time to time, you can get a free medical checkup. The best individual plan of Future Generali covers ambulances up to INR 15,000. Besides, the policy covers the daily expenses for hospital stay, food and other expenses. You may also need the costs of vaccinations for dog bites, bee stings and other expenses covered. Study the brochure in the website to gain a comprehensive knowledge about the benefits. Certain costs on emergency evacuations are also included in the plan, in case a patient has to be transported from one hospital to the other.

It is recommended to buy your health insurance policy from a reputed company. Future Generali has a strong network of more than 5,300 hospitals in 492 cities. The claim-processing procedure is fast, ensuring that you can get the medical expenses covered in quick time.