What to Expect on Frontier Airlines Flight

What to Expect on Frontier Airlines Flight

Frontier Airlines is an affordable airline based in Denver, Colorado. You can find good prices for flights within the US, the Dominican Republic, Canada (Calgary), and Mexico. But the tickets don’t include extra stuff. You can buy these extra things separately if you want them.

Frontier Airlines goes from lots of big cities in the US. They also fly to Calgary in Canada, Montego Bay in Jamaica, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, and a few cities in Mexico. But remember, these places might change sometimes.

In the US, Frontier Airlines goes to cities like Minneapolis-St. Paul, Denver International Airport, Washington Dulles, Atlanta, Boston Logan International Airport, Orlando International Airport, Chicago O’Hare, Buffalo, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and more. You can find the full list of cities and routes they fly on their website.

What You Get on Your Frontier Airlines Flight

Frontier Airlines is a super affordable airline, but their basic fare doesn’t include any extras. Here’s what you’ll need to buy if you want them:

You can bring a small bag that fits under your seat for free. If you want a specific seat, you’ll need to pay for it. You have to buy a ticket for any bags you want to put in hold. You’ll need to pay for any food or drinks you want during the flight. They don’t give free stuff. Frontier flights don’t have Wi-Fi or stuff to watch or play during the flight. People who paid for their carry-on will be in zone one on the plane. This helps the airline staff know who paid for it. Your boarding pass will even show that you bought a carry-on.

The Works Bundle:

You can only get The Works Bundle when you buy your Frontier Airlines Ticket. It gives you almost everything you might need during your flight (except for food and drinks on the plane). Here’s what it includes:

You can pick your seat, even the stretch seating option. You can bring a bag with you on the plane. You can also check in a bag for free. You’ll get on the plane earlier. You can get your money back.

The Perks Bundle:

The Perks Bundle gives you almost everything from The Works Bundle, except for the refund option and no change fees. You can get this bundle when you buy your ticket or even after you’ve bought it.

Frontier doesn’t give free snacks and drinks like other big airlines do. But don’t worry, you can buy what you want while you’re on the plane.

They have different bundles you can buy during the flight that might save you money. Some bundles have 2 soft drinks and 2 snacks.

Making Your Frontier Flight Better

Here are some simple ways to make your Frontier Airlines trip smoother, especially if you plan early. Decide what extras you want ahead of time. It might be tricky, but getting them early saves money. Bundles are a good deal if you’ll use everything in them. Bring fewer bags to save money. Use a big personal item, like a backpack that fits the size rules (14″ tall, 18″ wide, 8″ deep, including handles and stuff). Make sure your bag fits these rules.

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Get entertainment on your phone or bring a book. There’s no stuff to watch or play on the plane. Buy snacks and drinks at the airport to save money. You can even fill up a reusable water bottle and pack snacks from home. If you’re flying with friends, pay for seats together when you book. Don’t expect others to move for you because they might want their seats. Before booking, check the total cost with extras to make sure it’s still a good deal. Think if you need each extra thing before buying.