What Is Covered by Toyota Fortuner Car Insurance?

The Toyota Fortuner is a tough, luxurious SUV. With its performance and elegance, it is intended to rule the streets. This seven-seater muscle car has both a manual and automated transmission and can run on diesel or petrol. It boasts a 15.04 km per litre performance and has an engine power of up to 2,755ccs. The SUV is available in six variations and seven colours, and it is equipped with several security measures, such as brake assistance, centralised locking, an anti-lock brake, seven airbags for the occupants of the vehicle, a crash detector, an engine monitor, an anti-theft mechanism, etc. It can be said to be a reliable vehicle for secure travel. It is the car that many people hope to buy themselves when they are in the market for a car. 

However, when you buy a car, you must also have the means to protect it and yourself. This protection will come in the form of car insurance. You never know what kind of trouble you may face on the road. There may be an accident, your car may break down in the middle of nowhere, or you may need some assistance. You will get all of this when you have four-wheeler insurance. But before you buy Fortuner insurance, you must first understand just what your insurance for Fortuner covers. 

What is Covered in an Insurance for Fortuner Insurance

If you wish to buy car insurance, you should know that different four-wheeler insurance offers you different levels of coverage. The type of Fortuner insurance you purchase for your car will determine the degree of protection you receive. We will thus go into the different types of four-wheeler insurance available in the market for your convenience. You can look at them and decide which will be the right one for you. 

  • Third-Party Insurance

Third-party insurance is the type of insurance made mandatory by the Government of India. If you do not at least have third-party insurance, you will be seen as someone breaking the law. Third-party insurance is perhaps the most affordable car insurance; however, the coverage you receive is also the least. When you have third-party insurance and are implicated in an accident, you will receive financial aid in case you have caused harm to any third-party person or property. But if there is any harm to your person or property, you will not receive any help. 

  • Personal Accident Insurance- You purchase personal accident vehicle insurance cover when you want to safeguard yourself, the vehicle owner, by choosing to be reimbursed for medical costs following an accident.
  • Comprehensive Insurance- As it covers culpability for third parties, harm to one’s car, compensation for personal accidents, and any non-collision losses like a storm, flooding, arson, and theft, this coverage offers the maximum level of protection. With various add-ons, you could further improve comprehensive Fortuner insurance coverage to give you maximum safety.
  • Own Damage Car Insurance-   A vehicle insurance coverage called Own Damage Car Insurance (OD) Insurance is designed to protect your car from unplanned losses. This policy provides vehicle insurance protection for losses incurred by your car due to natural disasters, road accidents, fires, or other accidents. Many people buy this type of insurance in addition to their third-party insurance, which gives you complete protection. 
  • Collision Insurance- The expense of repairing your damaged car is covered if you choose collision damage auto insurance coverage.  The amount reimbursed under the collision insurance policy is determined based on the IDV minus the accrued depreciated value when a claim is made. Most people who buy their car on loan choose to buy collision insurance to safeguard their investment. 

How to Claim My Toyota Fortuner Car Insurance?

Should you ever find yourself in an accident involving your insured Toyota Fortuner, follow these steps –

  • Make sure you are okay
  • Take medical help in case you or any of the passengers need it
  • Recce the damage caused to your car; take photos on your phone
  • Inform the police in case of major accidents
  • Intimate the insurance provider about the accident and the damage within the next 48 hours

If you have purchased insurance from any of the leading insurance providers in India, like Tata AIG, you should not worry about your Fortuner insurance claim.

Summing Up

Now that you know what some of the insurance options are, you should be able to buy car insurance while making an informed decision. Always remember that having four-wheeler insurance can safeguard you in several situations while keeping you square in the eyes of the law. So, when you buy your Toyota Fortuner, do not forget to buy Fortuner insurance.