What is a Shooting Club? What is It for?

The main idea of a shooting club is to really spread the practice of shooting as a sport, which can be practiced by anyone who is within the proper parameters before the law and is interested in the practice in a responsible and ethical manner.

Shooting clubs are “schools” or gyms, in which methods, exercises and practices are developed for the improvement of professionals and practitioners of the sport.

A shooting club is a great environment to develop reflexes, analytical skills, critical eyes, physical development and also great friendships, being able to build relationships with those who also have a passion for the sport.

Legal commitment

Every Shooting Club aims to provide safe and legal practice of shooting sport, up to the responsible training of citizens or professionals capable and conscious in the use and handling of firearms.

Shooting clubs seek to work with extreme seriousness to teach shooting courses, in order to gradually train each practitioner or student with the effectiveness of everyone who seeks to take up a weapon, with a high level of knowledge and learning with the instruction of specialized professionals. in the training of quality snipers.

What will I learn in a course? How does a sport shooting course work?

As mentioned above, shooting courses seek to train all students responsibly in accordance with legislative norms.

Courses are generally divided into levels. At the basic level, the courses are aimed at people who have had little or no contact with firearms, covering basic principles of gun shooting and handling, up to security rules and the procurement process.

The intermediate shooting course is aimed at improving and updating techniques, skills and methodology for practicing sports shooting. And the advanced course aims to improve and amplify the technical capacity and tactical knowledge of the participant for the practice of sport shooting, private security and others.

For those looking for a shooting club to practice, or even professionalize, they should understand that the courses aim to educate and train students, in order to enable them to properly rotate, develop reflexes to act quickly and effectivelymaking you able to practice shooting with responsibility.

Do I need to have a gun to shoot at the club?

One of the most frequently asked questions people ask is whether purchasing a weapon and AK-47 mag loader is the part of a shooting club it is necessary to have a gun. The answer is no!