What are the Rights for Support of a Child?

According to the law, children have a right to support from a parent they do not live with. Whether or not you have a formal marriage or are recognized (required by a document certifying recognition). The law only sets the minimum threshold, which is one quarter of the minimum wage. Accordingly, this parent (in the case of their father) has the right to have contact with them under a fair regime of personal relations. Find your desired family lawyer in toronto that will help you with this problem, making sure that your child receives exactly what they need. Make sure to contact us today.

What you can do if you can’t find a way to understand it is:

    Meet and negotiate new conditions with the help of a neutral and experienced mediator. It will help the two of you together: – Develop a clear and specific new plan (agreement) for the good of your common children; – one that works for both of you; – including other important points, such as common property; – and also communicate more calmly, respectfully and effectively in the future.

    Combine the two. As in the first scheduled hearing, the judge himself directs you to mediation. If you agree, the court will enforce your agreement in a court decision (by virtue of a judgment awarded) and terminate the case.

Note that a judgment awards a right and obligation to be enforced (through an enforcement case), but it does not guarantee that the maintenance will be factually and timely paid. Only, when the will for both parents is true, will this decision be implemented in practice and without hindrance. Therefore, it was said that “even the smallest agreement is better than any judgment.” And that is why mediation, when properly conducted, is an important opportunity to resolve your dispute truly, fully and permanently. Success!

More useful legal information:

According to the law: “Each parent is obliged to provide the living conditions necessary for the development of the child in accordance with his or her ability and financial standing.” Parents owe maintenance to their underage children, whether they are able-bodied and able to support themselves. What’s more, the parent owes a living allowance. even if they have limited parental rights or are deprived of parental rights.

According to the law on the maintenance of a minor child, it is absolutely irrelevant that a parent has the means or not – in any case, he owes the maintenance. Whether and how much of his income affects only the amount of maintenance. If the parent has more resources, he or she will owe more support, if he / she does not have the resources, he / she will owe the minimum amount of maintenance. It is time to mention here that the law only sets the minimum subsistence threshold – one quarter of the minimum wage.