What are the Concerns Around Kratom?

What are the Concerns Around Kratom?

Kratom overdose seems to be on the rise. This is concerning since Kratom is not classified as illicit, but its effects seem serious. 

Kratom – what is it?

This refers to an evergreen tropical plant whose leaves are harvested, crushed, and sold. It comes from the coffee family and has effects similar to opioids and stimulants. It is often used in alternative medication but has since been converted into pills. It can be chewed, brewed, or smoked, depending on one’s preference. Kratom is a mood enhancer and energy booster when used in small amounts. Unfortunately, most people end up abusing it and overdosing, causing more fatal consequences.

Reasons why Kratom is Popular

Kratom leaves are used to help relieve pain, help with muscle relaxation, and deal with inflammation. These are therapeutic properties linked to Kratom. The alkaloid in Kratom interacts with the brain’s opioid receptor to cause desired or undesired effects, depending on the dosage. While Kratom has powerful and beneficial properties, it also has a few negative side effects you need to watch out for.

Potential Dangers of Kratom Use

There is still a need for extensive research to be done about Kratom. This explains why it is not approved for medical purposes. Long-term use could be detrimental as it leads to potential side effects including:

  • lack of appetite and severe weight loss
  • constipation
  • dry mouth
  • nausea
  • seizures
  • hallucinations 

Side Effects of Kratom

Besides the potential dangers, users should know the possible side effects linked to the use of Kratom. Responsible use can be beneficial but once you go overboard, it turns into a dependency that can then leads into addiction. This destructive behavior is not acceptable. The possible effects include:

  • Mood changes. You may experience euphoria, calmness, and a general sense of well being
  • Behavioral changes include being talkative than normal, as well as heighted social behavior
  • Some people experience body changes such as increased sleepiness, constipation, increased libido and increased urination.
  • You may also suffer from dry mouth, nausea, itching, sweating, and sunburn sensitivity

Kratom has both good and bad when used responsibly. However, research is still ongoing to prove whether any of these claims are actually substantive. Just be sure not to overdo any drug since you will become dependent and addicted. In case this happens make sure to seek help from a rehab facility that understand how to treate Kratom addiction.

Kratom and Addiction Scares

Since it behaves like opioids, Kratom can likely lead to substance dependency. Many users experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, including muscle aches, spasms, emotional changes like irritability and aggression, and insomnia. Like you can misuse painkillers due to prolonged use, Kratom can overdose similarly. Similar methods and medications used for opioids overdose are needed to treat such overdoses.

Despite its dangerous effects, there is increased concern regarding the commercial production of Kratom. While it has some positive benefits, the negatives seem to outweigh them. However, more research is needed in this sector to ascertain the significance and benefits of Kratom. If you are addicted to Kratom, consider visiting a rehab center you trust to get help. You may be treated like an opioid patient, but the result will be freedom from kratom dependency.