What Are The Causes Of Bad Breath?

Someone with a bad breath is mostly avoided by people and that’s an embarrassment. Unfortunately, this person could be you. In case you are facing issues with unpleasant odour from your mouth and it persists even after your small efforts to eliminate it, it’s time you must fix an appointment with the dentist. If such displeasing odour is a problem that you are facing once in a blue moon, you can simply look after your brushing routine or you could blame what you ate for your meal. But if the smell continues to stay, it could be a problem or an initiation to something serious.

Here are the causes of bad breath

There are many reasons why you develop bad breath. Sometimes it is a major health issue whereas sometimes it is merely a small problem that can be easily taken care of. Mostly all such issues can be tackled easily if attended at the initial stage.

Following are the most basic reasons for causing persistent bad breath:

  • It is a basic hygienic practice to brush your teeth twice a day. There is even a set of simple instructions that must be followed by everyone while brushing their teeth. This must be done to regulate cleanliness in the oral cavity and get rid of the remaining food particles stuck around the hidden corners of your mouth.
  • Using a string of floss is highly underrated but crucially important. Many times, a toothbrush does not reach some corners of the mouth and the food particle stays and decays your tooth. Here, floss comes into the picture. Floss is designed so that it reaches every edge in between your 2 teeth. Thus, it removes all the leftover food particles and keeps your mouth clean and healthy.
  • In many cases, oral bacteria breed and reside inside the mouth when not cleaned properly. If not removed in the very beginning, such bacteria start to expand and attack your tooth or gums. This may lead to bad breath and further, it may turn into serious dental health issues.
  • People who use dental equipment in their mouth have more chances of breeding germs inside. This leads to dental problems. Make sure if you use braces, dentures, etc. you must regularly visit your London dentist also, you must take more efforts in cleaning your entire mouth than others.

Seeing a London dentist is a piece of apt advice in a case like this. You could be having poor dental hygiene and must be unaware of how you can take care and rectify your bad breath. But only the dentist could tell if you have not invited any oral infection or gum disease since bad breath could be a symptom of multiple dental problems. So, you must not delay in visiting your dentist in the case of continuous bad odour in your oral cavity.