Unique Features Of SureBind System 2 And Their Benefits

Gone are the days when people used to depend upon manual printing and publishing of important documents or books. Latest advancements in the technological fields have made the tasks quite easy. Printing and publishing houses are at great benefits as regards introduction of the SureBind System 2, a great boon for the users. Unique characteristics of this system have increased its demand manifold. Operators are at great convenience as this machine is quite simple.

Characteristics – This latest machine is the unique strip binding machine for the users that get engaged in moderate tasks. They save their valuable time with the electric power punching in this machine. Perfection at each step is the unmatched benefit of this machine that enables custom-bound accomplishment. This patented surebind automatic binding machine is able to do the task in perfect manner.

Benefits – The SureBind System 2 is helpful in binding the documents up to 2” thick. Unmatched facility of the push button electric punching is useful in producing large number of books in a specified time as compared to the ordinary punching systems that are operated manually.

The other big benefit of this famous machine is the pressure bar that is able to hold the documents in secure and professional manner. There is one indicator light that gives flashes when the binding process is continuing and it goes off when the work is over. The manufacturer has facilitated a debris stray that helps in collecting the paper chips and fragments of the binding strip that do not get scattered here and there. Automatic cleanliness is another big benefit of this automatic machine.

With the unparalleled 10-12 second binding cycle speed; this unique automatic binding machine provides great productivity. It has the binding capacity of up to 2” or 500 while the punch capacity is 22 sheets per lift and both are based on 20 lb. bond. The machine is capable of binding books to the tune of smaller ones of 8.5 inches as the minimum while its maximum capacity is as large as 14 inches. The usual dimensions are 23.5″x10.75″x17.75″ L x W x D while the machine weight is 32 kgs.. The machine has the ratings of 115 Volt/ 60Hz/ 4 Amps. It is made to fulfil the UL and CSA safety standards. The manufacturer gives a warranty for 90 days.

Those interested in overall page security must give a try to the SureBind System 2, the electric automatic binder.