Traditional Chinese wedding gold jewelry

In traditional Chinese weddings, the bride must wear gold jewelry on the day of marriage. In addition to representing joy and eternity, it also symbolizes status and wealth and becomes an indispensable part of marriage.

Tips you must master when buying gold jewelry

1. In our country, there are clear regulations on the signs and tags on the gold jewelry. Generally, the code, material name birth stone necklaces birthstone-necklaces get name necklace website content imprint, etc. of the manufacturing enterprise are required. Without these, the product is not qualified! When buying gold jewelry, everyone should be most concerned about its “fineness”, that is, the content of gold in the gold jewelry. The gold content of gold jewelry is not a secret. It will be printed on the jewelry and tags, such as Pure Gold 999, Pure Gold 9999, etc.

2. Pay attention to the style when buying gold jewelry

Pure gold jewelry is easily deformed. Be sure to check whether the overall shape is deformed. The texture of the surface of gold jewelry cannot be ignored. Choose jewelry with clear surface, good brightness and fine and uniform texture. Also pay attention to whether the edges of the monogrammed necklace jewelry are smooth when buying, good jewelry is of fine workmanship.

3. Be sure to touch it with your hands

Check to see if the edges is sealed well, whether there are any weak welds, breaks, burrs, etc. In addition, check buttons that fall off easily.

4.When choosing gold jewelry, choose according to your face and hand shape

Choose gold necklace earrings according to your face: (1) oval face is ideal, almost all styles can be selected engraved necklace check for this; (2) round face is suitable for slender earrings, the necklace should not be too short; (3) square face is suitable for oval earrings. A longer necklace will make the face lines softer.

The choice of the bracelet is based on the thickness of the wrist: (1) the thinner wrist has a larger space for choosing the bracelet; (2) if the wrist is relatively thick, you should choose a bracelet with a unique shape and personality sister rings, which can divert people’s attention.If you really like simple style cute necklaces, you should pay attention to the bracelet should not be too thin.

5. Pay attention to your daily dress and occasions when buying gold jewelry

Gold jewelry must be paired with clothing to achieve good results. Such as collarless clothes embellished with necklaces, collared clothes are more beautiful with earrings. However, the gold custom cuff links jewelry design now tends to be younger, with more design elements integrated, and more versatile.

6. Choose large-scale shopping malls or brand stores with good reputation and quality assurance, and try not to buy them in personal or tourist areas.

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