Top Tips To Speed Up The Property Selling Process

Even though the real estate market is quite lucrative and offers a fantastic investment opportunity, we cannot ignore the volatility. With so many sellers and properties available in the market, your prospective buyers can drop out of the deal at any time. Sometimes, they refuse to turn up for signing the agreement also, telling an excuse about their absence. Such situations can put you in tight spots, especially when you are ready to move out and have already booked a new place.

So, if you want to avoid these inconveniences, you should start acting up now and speed up the sale process. Yes, it won’t happen overnight, but there isn’t anything to worry about with proper strategies in place. To help you out, we have explained a couple of tips that will get your property sold off without any hassle.

Make Sure To Get The Latest Valuation

The first thing you need to get done is to acquire the latest valuation for the property you want to sell. Real estate properties are subjected to appreciation in price, which means that the valuation will change every year. If you make a deal with the old valuation, either the request will be cancelled at the time of transference of ownership, or you will end up making a deal at a loss. Therefore, get the current valuation to ensure a win-win situation for yourself and the buyer.

Provide A Walkthrough Over Video Call

If the buyer cannot come to your place repeatedly to check the property, you can arrange for video walkthrough sessions. With it, you can show every corner and crevice of your home to the buyer over the video call, and if they are impressed, you will be able to pitch the negotiation. Therefore, they will visit the property only to check its condition and seal the deal.

Involve Legal Professionals Into The Deal

If you are carrying out all the works without any legal help or not signing any agreement with the buyer party and getting it notarized, they will have more leverage after walking out of the deal. This is why make sure to involve a solicitor or any estate agents Ongar who knows the property laws. This way, you can speed up the processes and prevent the buyer from moving out at the last minute.

Change Your Real Estate Agent

If you already have an agent and yet not getting enough clients to sell your property, it’s time to partner up with another professional. There are many estate agents Ongar, so you won’t run out of options. All you need to do is pick the best company so that the professional can meet your requirements without any hassle.


Selling a house in Ongar is not as easy as you think. You cannot expect a buyer to walk up to you and knock at your door. Therefore, it’s better to work closely with a real estate agent who will help you sell the property without any hurdle.