Top Tips To Sealing Your Block Paving Perfectly

Block paving for driveways often suffer from wear and tear and damage on their sides or edges. To fix this problem and make sure that block paving remains intact in its original condition, the use of sealant is preferable. To make sure that sealant is applied properly and perfectly to block paving, some tips as mentioned below may be followed by you. 

Properly And Thoroughly Clean The Paving

Before you start with the process of application of block paving sealer to your patio or driveway, the given area must be cleaned properly and thoroughly. You need to remove all the dust and dirt, leaves and other particles deposited on the paving. Wash it with high water pressure so that even the smallest dust particles are removed.

Make Sure The Area Is Dried Properly Before You Start

Once you are done with the cleaning and washing process, you must leave the area to dry completely and properly. The sealant may be applied to dry surfaces only as it will set properly. Any moisture content may prevent the sealant to get set in the desired manner and it may come out after some time.

Remove Weeds And Other Unwanted Elements

Apart from the removal of dust, dirt and other elements from the block paving, you also need to pay attention to weeds or anything else on or near the paving. You must remove all the weeds and other unwanted elements so that the application of sealant can be done properly.

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Make Sure Joints Are Filled Properly

Before you start applying the sealer on the block paving, you must check all the joints and fill the same with requisite materials. After all, the sealant may prove to be useful only if all the joints are also filled and there are no gaps in-between anywhere.

Start With The Application Of The Sealer

Once you are done with all these steps, you may start with the application of the sealant to the block paving. You may apply a single layer or coat initially. Make sure the application of the sealant is uniform all over the given surface.

Repeat The Sealant Once The First Coat Is Dried

Finally, you need to repeat the second coat or layer of the block paving sealer. For this, make sure that the first coat is dried completely and it sets properly. Again repeat with uniform application of the second coat or layer of the sealant.

With the help of these tips, you can surely excellently seal your block paving. It helps in ruling chances of any damage, wear and tear to the edges of the paving or the driveway and you are saved from getting the same repaired more often.