Top 7 Cities In Spain You Must See

Spain’s rough past and history have created probably the most historical and beautiful structures in the set of experiences. The country’s outstanding historical architecture can be seen and appreciated even in the oldest towns of the country. Cities of Spain are known to have something reasonable of natural magnificence, heritage site, and culture. With every city having its own particular personality, make it a worth-visit country. So, plan your next getaway and book flight tickets by dialing the delta airlines contact number and get an instant booking at very affordable rates. All you have to poach your bags and get ready to explore these best cities in Spain on your own.

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Here are the main 7 best cities in Spain you should explore 


Home to the wonderful Alhambra Palaces, Granada is a city in southern Andalusia’s locale. Grana is known to be quite possibly the most wonderful city in Spain and incredibly rich in culture and nature’s beauty. Spreading itself at the lower part of Sierra Nevada has much dazzling architecture and design. A portion of these designs are the Moorish Palace, Arabic Quarter a Unesco Heritage Site, and Alhambra is known as the most visit and delightful landmark in Spain and UNESCO Heritage site. Granada’s cultural variety and romantic decorations make the city a shrouded Gem in Andalusia’s locale. 


Seville is the capital city of Andalusia’s locale, it stands apart because of tremendous and delightful colored towers and corridors decorated by theme and style. Sevilla is regularly featured in movies namely, Attack of the clones, and Star Wars is loaded down with astonishing sights, flamenco moving, bars, shops, and awesome air. 

A portion of Seville’s Popular destination zone is – the notorious cathedral, known to be the biggest house of God on the planet and has a definite and complex inside plan, the breathtaking Plaza de Espana and the Giralda, tower mosques transformed into architecture and offer fantastic sights of the whole Seville. 


San Sebastian is known to be one of the world’s main food destination. This city is quire little, but refined and considered a ravishing upscale beachfront retreat. San Sebastian has a not a main in the list of attractions like city side seashores, astonishing food, and mountains. 

Famous for its delectable seashores, curious old town, incredible scene and astounding design, this city has appealed to numerous travelers as the years progressed. A portion of the famous beaches in San Sebastian are – La Concha known for its brilliant sands and untouched blue seas, Zurriola renowned for its surf scene, and Isla de Santa Clara. 


As Europe’s biggest city on the Mediterranean coast, Spain’s second-biggest city, and the pleasing capital of the Catalonia district. Barcelona is the most well-known city in Spain. Barcelona is home to probably the best and cleanest seashores and was granted to have the best metropolitan sea shore arranging and positioned third of the most wonderful seashores on the planet by the National Geographic. 

The city is known to have luxurious nightlife and phantasmagorical buildings made by incredibly famous engineer Gaudi that are seemingly one the features of the city. So, plan your trip to Spain and book a flight ticket online by visiting and get ready for a perfect holiday trip ever.


Capital of northeastern Spain’s Aragon district and old neighborhood of the widely famous and well-known artist Goya. Zaragosa is a city brimming with galleries and a considerable measure of religious destinations. It’s a shelter for design buffs, arts enthusiast,s and history darlings. Known to have dazzling road expressions and notable structure, Zaragoza is best seen in the highest point of the chime towers 60 meters high. 


Segovia has perhaps the most astonishing architectural heritage in the whole country. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Segovia has middle-age dividers, old babbles, gothic houses of prayer, and Romanesque Churches. This city is found northwest of Madrid. Segovia city protected the channels of Romans when it ruled the nation of Spain for a very long time. 


Known as the City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia is a combination of traditional and modern architecture. Situated on Spain’s southeastern coast, this city has a lot of outstanding and amazing historical architecture. With the city’s temperature, cultural and nightlife activities keep on flourishing.

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