Tips for Safe Mobile Payments

Mobile and internet banking have been a great use to many since its inception. One of the advantages of these technological advances is being able to pay through your mobile phones. You can make payment anywhere and anytime to a merchant provided that it enables online payment.

However, paying through your mobile phones can be disaster if you do not take necessary steps in securing your payment transaction. 

To monitor citi premier card transactions and your other accounts, we have provided tips on how to ensure mobile payments security.

Use a strong password combination

One of the common tips when securing your private information is to use a strong password combination.

To have a stronger one, use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters like number sign or question mark. You can apply the combination of uppercase and lowercase letters as well to add complexity in your password.

Furthermore, avoid using your birthday or your family member’s birthday as password. This can be easily figured out by hackers.

Use a trusted payment platform

An online payment platform usually ask for your personal information, such as name and email address. So before engaging in an online payment transaction, may it be through browser or mobile app, ensure that you use a trusted payment platform.  Double check if the payment app or site is really legit. Look for reviews and testimonies from other consumers. Remember that legit apps will not steal your personal information.

Download trustworthy app

When opting for a mobile app, make sure to only download a trustworthy app.

Be cautious when selecting a mobile app that you will download. Some apps may contain malware or spyware that can steal your personal information and eventually compromise your payment details.

Always monitor your account

Whether it is your credit card, savings account, or, always make time to check your account once in a while.

Watching your account every now and then will enable you to see if there are any suspicious or fraudulent transactions happened in your account. In case there are any, you can immediately report it to your credit provider or bank.

Don’t send private information when using public Wi-Fi

The availability of public Wi-Fi is definitely useful for everyone. However, when it comes to conducting online payments, it is not safe since any information passed through it can be accessed by hackers. Hence, avoid making purchases and online payments when using a public Wi-Fi. Conduct online payments on your phone’s data or home’s private Wi-Fi only.

Password-protect your mobile phone

To add security, ensure that your mobile phone has a password. Create a password for your accounts as well. Doing this will add layer of protection for you in case you misplace or lost your phone.

Key takeaway

Most of today’s financial transactions are done through mobile phones. Hence, it is necessary to keep all your information protected and make sure that all your transactions are secured.

Take these simple steps to ensure the security of your mobile payments.