The Truth About Pink Diamonds

We all are aware of the saying that diamonds are a woman’s best friend, isn’t it? But, have you seen how women and not only women everybody is attracted to these diamonds?After considering it, the saying will change to pink diamond, a woman’s best friend. They are incredibly beautiful and attractive and contain a different charisma, which is completely different from the features of other stones and jewelries. You will not find these diamonds everywhere and in every shop, these are a very rare species of diamond and look beautiful to everyone who wears them.

Now, as most of us do not have the best knowledge about such diamonds, here you will get to know some facts about them. There are a lot of points about this diamond that a lot of us are unaware of, so, without wasting any further time, let’s jump to some truths about these diamonds.


These diamonds originated in Australia. Above 91% of the demand for such diamonds for each country is made in a very famous diamond factory known as the Argyle Mine which is located on the Western side of Australia. As per records, it is stated that they also existed in some other countries too. The most amazing factor to look into is that a very minor percentage of the Argyle mine’s results are pink diamonds, which states that with large amounts of carats of raw diamonds that are made here, only a little amount of these diamondsare perfectly suited for sale. Annually, a total number of about 60 to 70 carats are sold-out at public bidding.


The creation of thesediamondsis not that common and usual as the other ones. Like most of the diamonds are produced in a certain different kind of pipe, these diamondsare extracted from the volcanic pipe. These are made uniquely as compared to the other diamonds.


These diamonds are extremely rare when compared to the other ones. These diamonds are as seldom as their beauty, the existence of these diamonds is bounded and it is calculated that a very little amount of the quality pinks have been introduced yet.


These diamonds are more laborious to clean and make them shine, it has a unique composition as compared to the white ones and can consume up to three to five times to get polished completely.


The colors of all such diamonds are not the same, like the other diamonds it also consists of different shades, it starts from faint color to fancy deep color. And, the considerable point is that more the deep is the shade of the diamond, the price of it will go high


With the other facts, you might by now have gotten the idea of how costly these diamondsare. These are the most costly and priceless diamonds and may value up to more than 25 times the price of the other diamonds. By the calculation of the mines, one carat of the pink diamond can price up to $ One million. The value of it will rely upon the darkness of the color, the cut of it, its clarity, and its shape.

So, these were some truths and facts that should be known by us about these diamonds.