Technology and Artificial Intelligence:

The technology world is developing speedily and drastically, and people are getting so used to technology that now it has is a part of everybody’s day-to-day life. Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processed by machines, especially by computers. Artificial intelligence is categorized into two different systems that are:

  • Weak artificial intelligence which is also called narrow artificial intelligence which is for particular such as a virtual personal assistant.
  • Strong artificial intelligence for human abilities so that when it gave an unfair task, it can find a solution to it.

The manufacturing sector in technology:

The artificial intelligence in the manufacturing sector is laying an easier path to the future with its benefits by enhancing its production efficiency and bringing the interaction between man and machine closer. It has created new ways to automate tasks. From expertise shortage to complexity in decision making or issues related to integration, artificial intelligence has conquered it all and proved that it is of great help to the manufacturing sector. Artificial intelligence has revolutionized mass-production. From building automation solution to designing the production model, eradicating human errors, etc. It has proved that it can bring this sector to a greater level. While humans have to work three shifts for continuous production the same a robot can do 24×7. The business or the manufacturing will spread and speed up in production and reach the needs of customers worldwide.

There are times when humans lives are in danger due to the huge machines, and it may end up badly for them. The same an automated intelligence can do without any danger.

Benefits of Artificial intelligence:

  • Minimize operation costs
  • Rapid growth in production
  • Great effectiveness
  • Determined decisions

Natural language generation is an artificial intelligence discipline it converts data into text enabling computers to communicate with accuracy. It is also used in customer service to generate reports. A virtual it is a computer agent or program capable of communicating with humans. Currently, these agent or programs are used for customer care support as a home manager.

Machine learning is a sub-discipline of computer science a branch of artificial intelligence. It provides an algorithm, application programming interface (API), big data, training tools, MI is gaining more and more traction. Robotic process automation uses scripts and scripts and methods that mimic and automate human tasks. It is useful for situations when hiring humans for special tasks or it may be expensive. This can help the business; it brings a solution that will make more use of the human brain by moving the employees to a more strategic and creative position. Artificial intelligence is used as cyberdefense. It focuses on preventing, detecting and providing timely response to attacks and threats to infrastructure and information. The peer-to-peer network is the purest form when two or more pc’s connect and share resources without the data going through a server computer. Technology has developed, or artificial intelligence has taken over so much that it can also “read” emotions on the human face using advanced image processing or audio data processing.