Stock market tips for a newbie

Everyone is look for a fast way to climb the route of success particularly in terms of money. While some may invest in stocks with a hope that it multiples but it not a matter of luck as a well thought out strategy has to be followed. In our route to success we need to avail the services of the best stock brokers in India. They do not have a magic wand but they can guide you on how to earn some quick cash in the process. For a new investor there are some tips to follow

Formulate long term goals

What is the main reason why you are planning to invest in a stock market? Do you need cash for the education for your child or would be saving for your retirement. Before investing you need to be aware the purpose and the duration of time when you might need the funds. In case if you need the investment money after a few years then you need to consider other investment options. By becoming aware of the amount of money you would need, you can plan your investment for a particular point of time.

Be aware of your risk tolerance

The levels of risk tolerance are influenced by wealth, education and current living standards. Your risk appetite depends upon the anxiety levels you feel after investing. Human beings tend to vary in risk tolerance, and there is no balance. The perception of risk is an important point to consider. Investing has a profound impact as once you become aware of investing in stocks you tend to become knowledgeable and might be willing to take more risks.  Once you are aware of your risk tolerance you can keep away from investments that make you anxious.


In investment circles diversification is the key as you have all the necessary confidence to quantify a given risk. They could also identify any potential pitfalls that could cause a serious impact on their position status. The best course of action is not put all eggs in a single basket and diversifies. Do avoid this form of mistake if you are investing in the first year.

The best way to manage this diversification is increased exposure. It is better to invest money in different companies so that you have a potential to earn substantial profits. This strategy also helps you recover from certain losses of your total investment. Another effective tip is to invest in different type of investments. Some of the people like to mix up things from an investment point of view.

Do not fall into the emotional trap

One of the major loopholes to make money in stock market is to be governed by emotions and not taking logical decisions. A person who has negative feelings about a market is a bear while who feels positive is a bull. When a major chunk of investors are worried about a company the stock prices are expected to fall and the opposite happens.