Six Ways To Make Your Games Run Faster On Your New Xbox One Console

Xbox One is an excellent console for game one as it offers excellent graphics that enhance realistic gameplay. With an Xbox, there is a lot you can do, and even aside from playing games, you can always engage in other activities online, such as sports betting, internet surfing, and others. 

However, certain factors may hinder the efficient performance of an Xbox One console, which is often unknown to players while they play. Luckily there are simple and effective ways to rectify this issue, and they will have your Xbox one running smoothly. 

Use an Ethernet Cable

This is also known as a wired connection; Instead of using a wireless connection like Wi-Fi and all, you can aid a faster connection with an ethernet cable. All you need to do is connect the Ethernet cable to your internet router and connect the other end to your Xbox one ethernet port which you can find in the lower right corner of the console. 

Once the Ethernet cable is connected, you are good to go, as this wired connection boosts your internet speed much higher than the wireless connection, and you can rest assured of sped-up downloads.      

Pause Downloads Whenever You Want to Play

It is advisable to pause all downloads on the Xbox one whenever you want to play a game as both activities require a high speed, and both activities in action tend to pull down the speed as it has been shared accordingly between the two powerful operations going on at the same time.

  • All you need do is go to the GUIDE option by pressing the Xbox logo button on your controller, then navigate using the left analog stick to scroll to MY GAMES $ APPS, proceed by pressing A to select it, further press A to select see all, 
  • on the left side, select MANAGE, highlight QUEUE on the right, and press A to select it. 
  • Then go ahead to highlight the download you want to pause, press Menu on your controller, and then A to select Pause.

Disconnect Other Devices on Your Network

Connection of multiple devices on your Wi-Fi makes it run slower as lots of pressure is being put on your internet connection given the fact that all these gadgets tend to process data all at once and the flow of connection has to be distributed accordingly, thereby slowing down the performance of the Xbox connection speed.

Disconnecting other devices like your phone, laptop, tv, and other gadgets on your wireless network is an incredible hack to boost the speed of your Xbox one as the pressure put on the connection is eliminated. All connection speed has been fed solely to the Xbox one.

Ensure Your Xbox One is Up to Date

Keeping your Xbox One up to date is one of the best ways to maintain optimal efficiency. You don’t want to miss out on newer versions of the features available. Therefore, you should keep your device updated as consistently as possible. 

Use a Solid State Drive 

A Solid State Drive, also known as SSD, is quite advisable to use with your Xbox as it will significantly improve performance. If you have the budget, installing a Solid State Drive is the best option, as this will not only boost performance but will also ensure your Xbox is much less likely to fail with problematic drive errors in the future.

Deleting Useless Files

It is advisable always to delete unimportant and unwanted files stored on the Xbox as this facilitates the efficient working of the internal memory as spaces are freed up. Whenever your Xbox accesses the hard drive, it needs to search to find what it is looking for, deleting unused older files will improve the performance of your Xbox.

Every profile signed in to the Xbox is being stored, thus taking up needed space; it is advisable to check for such to free up the space by going to settings and selecting “Remove Account.”

Also, it is advisable to always clear the cache as small pieces of information are being stored on the internal hard drive of the Xbox console, which are most times unknown to the payer; this can easily be removed without having to worry about losing your place in a game or losing the game itself, go the settings and select “Clear local game cache.”