Shoe Styles That Can Cause Foot Injury

When it comes to sports, shoes are always recommended to perform up to the nines. Putting them on for a long-time unfortunately turns into unexpected foot problems. Regular shoe styles may deteriorate the current situation or can cause you discomfort. To avoid such hiccups, consult with an experienced Sports injury clinic in Worthing is the ultimate step to get rid of unnecessary pains and feet injury. 

Utilising tailor-made strategies and updated treatments, it delivers fast effective results to your every foot problem. Without further ado, let’s look out some famous sports shoe types that need podiatric medical treatment: 

Racing Flats

Commonly, the racing flats aren’t heavy to put on your feet. They don’t have high spikes or heels beneath them. It’s mostly used by athletes to cover long-distance races. Due to its light material, sportsperson prefer these flats while they’re training. Although they feel light, it also makes it easier to hit splits during workouts. Often, wearing them will also lead to chronic injury and even, soreness. 

Since there is no cushion in its flat, it’ll be more vulnerable to injury and also, takes a longer time to recover as our feet take more thrashing from the pavement.  

Running Shoes 

To secure a long distance on the track, running shoes would be the right fit to do so. But, one of the main mistakes that most athletes consider is that all running shoes are the same. Resultant, the ultimate result is lessened performance, uneasiness and even foot injury. Motion control, pronation, stability and cushioning shoes, stay away from these now. 

One foot injury, called plantar fasciitisis a kind of inflammation of tissues that heal to your toes. It occurs due to excessive walking or running overtime and resultant, produce severe pain in the arch of feet. To get rid of this injury or the like, you can anytime get top-notch treatment from a sports injury clinic in Worthing, coupled with cutting-edge medical treatments. 

Court Shoes 

Sports that are played on hard floors like in gymnasium prefer court shoes as a priority. This footwear has flat soles and is made up of hard rubber. Bear in mind, if you intend to go for long-distance jogging, these don’t suit you as their flat sole provides no support and instead, places extra pain on your feet.

These kinds of shoes induce a whopping amount of shock at the lower extremities which produce a few common complaints like Achilles’ tendonitis, patellar tendonitis as well as plantar heel bruising. 

To conclude, it can be said that the occurrence of these wounds may end you in a havoc situation. Before they hurt you, choose smartly or consult a specialist. Look no further, stay away from these hitches. Book a consultation at our sports injury clinic today.