Revature Provides Tips for Acing The First Job Interview

Revature Provides Tips for Acing The First Job Interview

First job interviews are extremely important. In fact, talent development companies like Revature even hold sessions to prepare candidates for such interviews. Feeling nervous is normal while preparing for the first job interview after graduation. However, rather than getting stressed out, people should maintain their focus and confidence. They must note that their interviewer is likely accustomed to interviewing first-time job seekers, and hence would know what to expect from new graduates.

Revature provides pointers for faring well in the first job interview

The key to having a successful job interview, whether it is the first or the fifteenth one, is to prepare ahead of time, staying calm and collected, answering confidently and dressing appropriately. Here are a few pointers that can help a person to fare well in their very first job interview:

  • Research the company: The candidates must take time to research on the relevant company to get familiar with how they operate. Today one can find a lot of information available about almost any company online. It is better to check out the “About Us” and “Careers” section of the company website if the interview is with a major company, as the job seeker might be asked what they know about the organization during the interview. When going for an interview at a smaller company, it would be enough to check the website of the business to know what it is about and its current focus.
  • Learn about the job: Candidates must learn as much as they can about the position they are applying for. The more they know about the job, the easier it shall be for them to answer queries about why they can be a good fit for it.
  • Practice answers to common interview questions: It is natural to worry about how to answer the questions of the job interviewer, especially for a new graduate. The only way to address these worries is to practice and prepare. There is no alternative to practice, and hence today even companies like Revature hold sessions to help their trainees to practice for job interviews. One of the most common questions interviewers asks is why the candidate wants to work at the relevant company. To answer this, the candidates should express their passion for the company or its products, and share how they would enjoy the responsibilities of the role. They can also discuss how they see themselves succeeding in the role based on their skills and experience.
  • Think about which questions to ask: All candidates need to be prepared to ask at the end of a job interview. This would help them to understand whether the company is the right fit for their career, as well as help the interviewer to grasp that the candidate is serious about the job.

After the job interview gets over, the candidates need to reflect on how they have answered the questions, where they have room to improve, as well as dwell on the responses given by the interviewer to their questions. It is also important to send a thank you note to the HR manager after the interview. If a candidate has not heard from the company in a couple of weeks, they should try to follow up.