Quick Guide: Check these 5 important things before buying a used equipment

When a piece of equipment starts aging and it can’t perform the work it used to, most companies would bring in anew equipment if the old one won’t function properly. However, there are also times when you would choose to buy used equipment. Although buying a new one and a used one is similar in terms of the purchase method, the latter often has a more time-consuming process. This is because buying a piece of used equipment includes a lot of factors when buying such as quality, price and customer experience. (planning to buy secondhand equipment right away? Look for used industrial equipment near me)

Here are the 5 essential things to remember before buying used equipment.

Check the fluids

This may sound very technical but you will be surprised how easy this is to do, you only have to check essential fluids such as engine oil, coolant, hydraulic and transmission fluid. Checking the machine’s fluid will provide you an insight into the equipment’s current condition, as well as the maintenance given to it by the previous owner. If you’ve seen a low or dirty fluid, then this could be an indication that the previous owner did not maintain the regular maintenance of the machine.

Operating hours

Similar to shopping for a car, you should always check with the current mileage of the vehicle. This is the same with used equipment, check how many hours a machine has operated. This is a good way to evaluate the condition of the equipment. Typically, a diesel-powered engine has a lifespan of ten thousand operating hours. If you feel that the machine is impelling its allowed limits of hours then you may want to do a swift calculation of its cost and benefit. This way, you will know if your money will be worth it, or else you will spending more on the regular maintenance if you’re not careful. The machine’s regular maintenance is also important.

Maintenance record

This is the most accurate way to know that a machine has been properly maintained at a regular rate. Check how many times the machine underwent small repairs and then look for clues that specify how the equipment has been operated and taken care of.

Signs of wear

You don’t have to be very meticulous on the machine’s wear and tear. All of the used machines will always have some mark of wear and tear. So having scratches and hit is completely normal. However, it is still important that you check bug time damages, this can potentially have an impact on your finances in the long run. You will end up adding more cost in regular repair before you can use the machine. Look for notable damages like cracks, rust, or hairline damage that can potentially be a problem.


One way to measure the accuracy of your equipment purchase is to use truck scales, especially if the used machine includes truck scales as well. It is important that you assure that your truck scale is calibrated and is operating effectively when you but it, one inaccuracy can lead to errors that may affect your company’s position.

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